"Decidedly Untitled"
E.M. Hunton

And these pieces of my heart
that you are slowly peeling off
as you stretch me and
grow me
And force me to admit
that I don't know everything
and I have immaturities
and wounds too deep to comprehend

As I pour myself before you
I feel your arms around me
yet I cry, and scream, and weep
shaking uncontrollably
for in my pain I find release

How backwards all this seems
this glorification through pain
as you tear the scales off my eyes
and heal them with tears
and you teach me to look upon
those I feared with love
and you say
what you feared, fear no more
for my love drives out all fear

Here's my heart
as I admit
that I have no strength on my own
should you choose to take me up
should you choose to heal my wounds
should you choose to heal my heart
should you choose to take me
I am yours.

The memories that filter in
long-repressed that comes to light
as I feel the pain my father felt
I know your pain as well
but I know in all of this
growth will be the end
and pain will be another path
to bring me close again.