"Purposeful Digression"
E.M. Hunton

Tears fall from my eyes
Am I not good enough?
Are these all lies, or
are my feelings truth?
Sometimes it seems to me
that I tend to be
the forgotten child.

I can wear no disguise
I am who I am
I do my best at all I do
yet the slightest imperfection
brings upon me what I fear most:
letting others down
they call me the perfect child.

When will this so-called perfection
be too much to bear
or do they even care
that the pressure is killing
me, ever so slowly?

And these lies about my appearance,
why do I listen to them?
That perhaps imperfections on my face
reflect my heart
that I'm not beautiful,
not nearly good enough,
utterly worthless.

You tell me it's not true
that you made me good enough for you
and I tell it to myself over
and over
and over
when will it become truth to my heart?
my mind?

I know that I live in a fallen world
people aren't perfect
everyone makes mistakes
but how is it that I receive
twice the anger?

Why is it that I feel they expect more
than I am capable of
all I really want is love
to love
to be loved

God I know you hear my cries
you hear them loud you hear them clear
As I draw close, you draw near
You hold me in your arms so tight
nurturing me through the night
taking my hand, making me strong,
reminding me this is not my home.

You say, 'I made you blameless,
perfect and pure
I see your beauty, do not fear
Your radiance is of much worth in my sight
I know you love me, I'm holding you tight.
I love you too, more than you know
You're so beautiful, just let it show
You sparkle, you gleam
You shine so bright
And I'll keep you near, all through the night.

Daughter oh Daughter
how beautiful you are
like a shining star
you've come so far
Don't let it hurt you, for you see,
sooner then you know,
You'll be home with me.'