This is your dove

It began with a sad note

When I realized

that you were all I could depend on

I cant see where I'm going

Though I'm loose and flowing

I am falling

And dragging you down with me

This is your dove

Baby let it fly away

Let it lead you

Let it sing you songs of love

All the things I couldn't dare to say

Written on these wings

Of passion and power

Devour them whole

That they may bring you peace

Or at least relieve the pain of our parting

Please find solace in charting

The paths these wings may lead to

Along the way

I pray you take heed of his song

I hope you find who you are

And cherish that waxen spirit

Let that dove lead you far

And sanity when it finds me…

Will give what I deserve

Just keep fear from your heart

And pray I don't find your bird