"Raindrops from Heaven"
E.M. Hunton

Can I explain to you what I see as I look out at the rain falling down? Down down down falling down down down. Like tears from eyes that feel so free because the dryness is finally gone? Can I fully explain how my spirit is stirred by the physical reflection of the glory of God as the sky full of rain pouring from heaven is lit by the sun...or Son? Can I make it clear to you how I am forever changed by one meeting with the God of this rain, by one touch from the God who knows pain, by one look at the face of Him who came? Can I pour out in words how my heart is touched and my mind is moved and my face is flushed by the overflow of the Spirit's glow filling up inside me? Can I write to tell you of the radiance of grace shining from my face from the Father's embrace or how I know that I am free and new and holy? Can I make you understand that I know that He's holding my hand guiding me through this land to the place of abundance? All of these things that I wish to convey I cannot quite say. For you see as He has taught me that the only way to understand is through His revelation.