Whisper into nothing
No heart, an empty sound
The pulse it has no rhythm
No beating, it is bound

For frost forms on the door knob
The windows sheeted thick
Outside the mind does wander
An emotion wasted, sick

A golden passing tendril
Drifting lightly on a breeze
A sweet caress of sorrow
What worry does bring these

One wonders why it hangs there
Tempting in its own way
The honored sound of hunting
Calls the worry-song away

So far away the sun is
To shatter through this ice
One reaches out in hopelessness
An end to endless vice

Something calls in the distance
A for falling glacial crash
One wanders out to the wild
Through the snow at a dash

A sun beam rides through
Spreading far-reaching wings
Icy world begins to crack
One clambers onward and sings

The day wears on and stretches
There is no ice left to break
Worry-song is no more alive
And ice forms a beautiful lake

Sailing low on the surface
White dress whipping in the breeze
One dips her hands into sorrow
A peaceful uplifting tease

The sun dips below the horizon
One is lonely more and apart
Life begins in a shell that breaks
Sunset shadows on the heart.