My eyes glint, and I scoot forward in my chair until I'm directly in the band of light that stretches across my desk. It's so sunshiny bright that I can't help smiling as I struggle to lift my eyelids. My lashes are crystal circles of iridescence, and it is almost a chore peeping out under them. The dollar bills, my comb, my notebook, my purse, the plastic bag – they are all pinned onto the warm purple surface of my desk by the hard bands of sunlight streaming cheerfully in through the window pane. And there they lie without resistance, relaxed, taking their own little inanimate nap. Dust motes, now visible, shimmer happily in and out of the late afternoon glow. I give up the fight to keep my eyes open, and simply bask, letting the warmth caress my cheeks.

It's funny how loved I feel!

Then my eyelids shift apart, and I see my hands, clasped loosely in front of me. The skin on them has changed, each dewy facet reflecting tiny rainbow pinpricks of light. I freeze, and watch quietly in awe. It's a rare moment!

The transparent painted plastic shapes hanging onto the window grilles twist lazily in the air, childishly satisfied, themselves feeling beautiful in the sun's attention. They shoot haphazard rays of red, green, yellow and orange across the room. Everything sparkles in the sun; my worries respectfully fading back to take a breather. I feel soothed. It is my favourite time of the day.

A/N: Haha, couldn't help but write this. It's exactly what I thought a few minutes ago.. it's late afternoon here, and I simply needed to capture the moment. Well, I hope you enjoyed it!:) Review pretty please?