You see the blood on my hands
Guilty in my death
You see the tears on my face
Breathing my last breath

You see the pieces of glass
Shattered around me
You see the letter I wrote
By a cold, pale body

When hell swallows you up
Tell me, what can you find?
When red flames surround you
Do you live or die?
To me, this earth is hell
So I chose to die
When hell swallowed me up
I know I lost my mind

You see the fear in my eyes
What could make me live
You see my own soul fall down
Nothing to forgive

You see the broken mirror
Reflecting my own life
You see the spirits in me
Broken in my eyes


Hello to the gateway of hell
Encasing me tonight
What horrid nightmares do you tell
That break into my mind

(Chorus 2x)