Chapter One

Posted on June 25th 2005

Life is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. It has everything anyone could ever want. It has adventure, intrigue, mystery, suspense and a good dose of fear and horror. It also has its good points when something absolutely adorable happens. When you see a bird play in the water, or when a puppy licks your face. Then there are the simple pleasures, hot coffee on a cold morning, the pitter-patter of the rain against your window, a lover's kiss. Then there are the reasons for living, each more beautiful than the other. The reason to fall in love and get married. The reason to have children and attend their graduation. The reason to sleep in a warm bed and let tomorrow be tomorrow.

But what happens when none of these reasons apply? You live because you are given life. You sleep because tomorrow will come no matter how much you hope it doesn't. What happens when you freeze on a cold morning and soak in the rain because you have nowhere to go? What happens when a first kiss is when you are raped? What happens when you cannot stand people let alone let someone into your life enough to get married and have children?

When that happens… you get me. And let me tell you, life sucks.

My name is Tobias. I don't have a last name, or if I do then I don't know it. I am an orphan, or that's what I believe. If I have parents then they might as well be dead for all I care. For me the few blessings that life can provide include solitude, quiet and safety. For if you are alone, no one can hurt you. The quiet forms a protective blanket that helps me find the first sign of danger. It is a lot easier to hear malicious words when it's silent than in a loud place. And I am confident that if I can make it through one night then I can make it through another. That's how I survived fifteen years and that's how I plan to do it for the rest of my life.

Unless I get hit by a truck. Or a bus maybe.

I don't like people. They are noisy, fickle and dangerous. Everything I don't like. Hence I got handed from foster home to foster home until I couldn't take it anymore and ran away when I hit eleven. There's only so much a kid can take.

I don't believe they sent out a search party. If they did, I am touched. Hear the sarcasm?

I stole food and clothes to get by unless someone was generous enough to give me something out of pity. I don't like pity. But then again, who am I to refuse warm, dry clothes and some food. Nope, not me. But that doesn't mean I trust them. Why would they offer me anything and expect nothing in return? I don't believe they are good at heart or anything of that sort. A heart is an organ that beats and nothing more. How is it suddenly something that means so much more?

You probably think I am bitter or something of the sort. Well face it, I am. I don't like people and don't think there is anyone who is there 'just for me'. That is all crap. And if you believe in crap then good luck to you. I will consider myself lucky if I live till twenty-five.

A/N: I know its short but its just the prologue. The story will be in third person POV, this chapter and certain future ones would be exceptions.

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