Fairy Tales

Chapter 6

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The next morning, Tobias opened his eyes to a mess of a room. Dante was standing in his school uniform and digging through a pile of clothes and then lunging for the bottom of the bed.

"What are you doing?" Tobias asked, his voice hoarse and raspy from sleep. He smacked his lips trying to get rid of the foul taste of sleep.

Dante tensed as soon as he heard him speak. He was not so sure of their standing anymore. He had kissed him for god's sake. Kissed him! Not to mention that he was a boy. They were both boys. This was wrong on so many levels he didn't even want to start analysing the situation.

"Um…" He said deciding to play along as though nothing had happened. Maybe Tobias doesn't remember? "I am looking for my jacket. You know the brown one. My favourite one. I can't find it." He said diving into his closet to look through the jackets hanging there.

Tobias shuffled a little remembering the jacket he was talking about. "Yeah I know which one. Do you remember where you wore it last?" He said yawning.

"Yes! I wore it last night but I don't remember taking it off! It's like this huge black hole in my head where I don't remember what I did with it!" He said throwing his hands up. He was getting late for school and he usually felt cranky on Monday mornings.

Tobias pulled himself out of bed letting his feet down on the carpet as though it was a monster out to swallow him. He giggled a little despite himself at the imagery it created. He remembered his fears of the monster under his bed.

Dante looked up when he heard the soft laugh. It sounded so… rare for the lack of a better word. He had heard Tobias laugh before but this one seemed precious as though he was lucky to just have heard it.

Figuring that Tobias may not have wanted him to hear his giggle he pretended as though he hadn't heard and looked away from the very appealing bedridden hair and the overly large t-shirt that fell off one shoulder.

It was wrong! WRONG!

"Put another jacket on." Tobias mumbled taking careful steps still imagining as though he was in the mouth of a monster or something. Don't step on the red parts of the carpet or you're doomed! He jumped from one pattern of navy blue to another barely avoiding a small red circle printed on the carpet.

"That's not the point!" He said throwing a black formal jacket over his head where it hit the mirror and made itself comfortable on the dressing table knocking over a couple of bottles of cologne and stuff.

"If you were wearing it then you must have it in the room." He said reasonably. Dante pouted.

He actually pouted. He pushed his bottom lip out and puffed his cheeks, crossing his arms and plopping down in the mass of clothes he had strewn about.

Tobias broke out into a huge grin when he saw him pout. "Aww wook at you!" He cooed and walked over to Dante. "Poor baby is sad because he lost his favourite jacket!" He cooed some more and then abruptly bent down to place a soft kiss to Dante's lips, biting his bottom lip a bit to bring him out of his pout.

It worked. But not quite how he wanted it to.

Dante pulled away suddenly and got up bumping their heads together rather hard and Tobias fell backwards. He started backing towards the door grabbing a random jacket on his way.

"I uh… I'm late for school. See you." He mumbled before dashing out of the room locking the door behind him.

Tobias sat there rubbing his forehead where Dante had bumped into him feeling quite lost and hurt.


What was he supposed to do about Tobias? He didn't even want to start thinking of the reasons he had kissed Tobias. He had felt like he needed the contact, which is why he had insisted that Tobias sleep in the same bed as him… but what could justify the kiss?

He was supposed to be giving Samantha a chance… not going behind her back and kissing another guy. That's like worse than cheating with another girl.

But he can't technically cheat if they're not even together can he? Dante frowned as another, quite insistent, voice supplied.

That's not the point! He battled with himself furiously as the school building loomed in front of him.

"He's a guy! This is wrong! This is completely utterly wrong!" He mumbled.

"What's wrong? And who is this guy?" A soft quiet voice floated from behind him. He turned to see shoulder length red hair and very bright hazel eyes. Roland's eyes always made him look like he had been crying… they were that bright.

"Long story." Dante said dismissively.

"Mind if I walk with you?" He asked shyly and Dante nodded once. He at once fell in step with the sulking boy. "Would you mind if I asked what was bothering you?"

"I'd rather you not." Dante answered trying to give the redhead a hint.

Roland frowned prettily, his delicate features scrunching together. He had very delicate features and a small effeminate body frame but he was undoubtedly male. He was, however, a very good person to talk to. He never ever gave away someone's secrets… no matter how juicy.

Dante knew that… but he still didn't feel particularly comfortable telling him that he had kissed a boy. A BOY!!

"You know… sometimes talking to someone else helps ease problems. Like if I had a big problem I would tell someone who could tell me what to do. Sometimes making decisions by yourself is hard." He said casually. Dante didn't say anything.

"I always went to Adam with all my problems. I don't know what I would've done without his problem solving skills."

Dante turned to him suddenly, stopping. "There's one problem you didn't go to him for though."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You know. You're little love interest. You are clearly having trouble in your love life but you refuse to let anyone know about it because you are too afraid of something. As long as you're not ready to divulge that information, don't expect anything from me." He said slyly. He knew that Roland would never give that information up to someone like him and according to his conditions he would never have to tell him about his problems.

"Classes are starting in fifteen minutes. You should hurry." Roland said avoiding answering Dante and went his own way.

Dante didn't let Roland's attitude bother him though, he had other things to worry about.

"Danny! Look what I got you!" Samantha came skipping down the hall… well not really skipping but she looked just as ridiculous. God knows how she was able to walk in those four inch heals without killing herself. She was swaying her hips from one side to another trying to look seductive but Dante wasn't having any of it.

She attached herself to his arm all but shoving a small packed box into his hands.

Oh look! It had pink hearts on it.

"Come on! Open it!" She said when Dante continued staring at the package as if expecting it to explode in his face. Slowly tearing the wrapping paper away he saw that it was a blue velvet box.

She wasn't going to propose to him was she? Gods he hoped not.

Opening it revealed a small silver ring with a small rose pink translucent semi precious stone embedded in the silver. Oh god! She WAS proposing to him!

"Do you like it? Do you?" She asked just short of jumping up and down. She shoved her hand into his face and showed him an almost identical but definitely more feminine version of his ring on her middle finger. "See? I have one too! It's rose quartz, it promotes love!" She gushed.

"I…" Dante was speechless. It was incredible thoughtful and sweet of her. He suddenly felt guilty for attempting to ignore her. She was trying so hard to get him to like her. "I love it." He told her, smiling at her and she seemed to melt.

"I'm so glad you liked it Don." She said softly and she leaned up to kiss him but he hurriedly backed away for some insane reason.

"Umm…" He began intelligently, "Could you… could you …" He was going to ask her to stop putting lipstick on when the warning bell rang and he had to hurry to get to class on time. His half uttered sentence was forgotten as they both rushed towards their class.

"I thought about what you said. I believe we have a deal." Dante spun around to face the owner of the voice and it turned out to be Roland. Roland agreed? He was not supposed to agree!


"We have a deal. But I believe that my secret is much more juicy than yours and so you shall go first. If I find out it was something so stupid as failing a test or something then I am not telling you zilch." He said with surprising confidence.

"You're not supposed to agree!" Dante cried out attracting the attention of half the cafeteria.

"Well I am. So spill." He said and leant over on the table dividing them and looked at him with a curious expression.

"Not here!" Dante whispered furiously gesturing towards the other kids who had sneakily shifted closer to them to listen in to their conversation. One of them was Rochelle unfortunately and Dante knew he would be answering to interesting rumours soon.

"Fine then. I meet you in the library after school and we'll talk. Deal?" He said.

"We'll see." Dante mumbled before going back to his meal. He didn't really want to tell Roland what was bothering him … but he was also curious as to who was his secret crush.

Curiosity killed the cat and Dante had plans to live a long life. Now he had to somehow slither out of baring his soul to the redhead.

Tough… he was horrible out of slithering out of situations.

"After school. Library. Government records." Roland whispered at him and Dante gulped. No one ever went to the government records section in the library. It didn't help that it was in the basement.

His chances of being rescued by a wayward stranger just went down the drain. Not like he had planned that but still…

Dante made a small noise in his throat to indicate he had heard and a quick glance to his watch told him he had barely two hours to come up with a suitable lie.

'Half-truth! It's a half-truth!' Dante insisted mentally but failed to convince himself.

"See you then." Roland waved before he was slapped rather rudely on the back by Adam.

"Looks like you have found a new best friend. Should I be jealous?" Adam said to Roland who was looking decidedly uncomfortable. Adam had swung his arm around his shoulders and the redhead had started blushing an interesting shade of red.

"Adam… why must you insist on tormenting the poor soul?" Dante couldn't help pointing out Roland's blush and smirked.

"Me thinks the lady doth protest too much." Adam whispered loudly to Dante before turning to Roland and gave him a half flirtatious smile. "No use denying it, love. I am the only one you have!"

Dante broke into a full out grin as he watched the two childhood friends bicker. Roland was horrible at back answering and Adam was too good at it. It put the hazel-eyed boy at a huge disadvantage.

As the lunch bell rang the cafeteria started emptying and the boys moved to their respective classrooms.

All too soon school ended and Dante found himself leaning against some folders marked 'Economy 1990 – 1992'.

"Didn't think you'll come." Roland said softly as he approached the distraught looking boy.

"I came because I don't like to ditch people. But to be honest with you I don't feel comfortable telling you about my problems. I apologize." He said politely hoping the boy would let it go.

"It's all right." Roland said shrugging. "But would you mind sticking around? I need to do some research for my Economics class and I don't want to be left alone here…"

Dante had nothing better to do so he stayed behind looking at mundane folders while Roland went through an insane number of records before finally finding something worthwhile and sitting down for a bit.

"So…" Roland said his head still buried in a thick folder. Dante looked up from a mildly interesting book on quantum physics left behind. He didn't understand much but the diagrams were… colourful. "Who is this red-eyed boy I have been hearing about?"

Dante managed to catch himself from dropping the thick book but just barely. "Wha… what?"

How did he know? What should he tell him? Should he tell him the truth? No? Yes?

"You know the one who came to school but waited outside and what not. The one you introduced to Adam?" Well that answered one question. "He told me about him. Said the boy was interesting. Dark hair. Red eyes. Red eyes are rare you know. So rare they are actually considered a defect. Did you know?"

Dante snapped his mouth shut as the boy continued to talk.

"It's mostly hereditary caused because of an unusual accumulation of iron deposits in the body tissues. Although it being deposited in the irises is practically unheard of. It also suggests that the boy probably suffers from hemochromatosis. It means he has more iron in his blood than normal. Or rather his iron metabolism is low. Does he have frequent headaches?"

Dante dumbly shook his head.

"Adam also told me he looked malnourished. That is interesting considering the large amount of iron in his blood. It is probably a birth defect. Wait I said that already didn't I? Did I? Maybe. Anyway." Roland finally closed the file in front of him and looked at the stupefied boy. Maybe he was more cut out to be a doctor than Dante.

"So who is this hemochromatic red-eyed individual?"

Gathering his thoughts in some semblance of order Dante answered. "His name is Tobias. We met in the park… umm… he's a friend."

"Ah. Adam said that he didn't get along too well with the 'blonde babe'." That was Adam's nickname for Samantha. Dante had yet to figure out if it was sarcastic or appreciative. "He thought the sight was hilarious. The boy looked about half the size of Samantha and was glaring daggers at her or something."

Competition? Between Samantha and Tobias? Why?

"Maybe they just don't click." Dante offered.

"Possible. But I would like to meet this 'Tobias'. I am no fan of the 'blonde babe' either." Roland said with a scowl.

"Hmm… I'll have to ask Tobias. He doesn't seem much like a peoples person."

"So don't tell him. Where do you meet him usually?"

"No specified place. Just here and there…"

Roland lifted an eyebrow. He clearly didn't believe him. "Oh. Well, where will you meet him next? I'll just drop in!"

"I don't know… I'll tell you later?"

"Sure. Well, I seem to be done here. Are you leaving right away?" He gestured at the physics book lying in front of the blonde boy.

"Yes. I was just browsing through it. Ready to go?" He asked. They both nodded and left the library.


Tobias glanced around the corner trying to see if anyone was around. Schooling his breath to come out in deep silent puffs he saw that the area was clear. He had to do the job quick before someone showed up.

If he was caught… he could be in a lot of danger.

He dashed across the room to plaster himself next to the brown wooden door. Enclosing his fingers around the doorknob he twisted it and opened it a peek allowing him to look into the room without alerting someone to his presence.

Aromas wafted from the room enclosed within and Tobias knew he would kill for a meal at the moment. That was it. They had strawberry shortcake for dessert! He was NOT waiting for Dante. Fucking asshole had to go ahead and choose that day of all the days to be late. It was pushing five in the afternoon and he was about to die of hunger.

Bastard had also thrown his street clothes out and he was finding running around in Dante's clothes a little too troublesome for his liking. The fucking asshole had to be taller than him too. And he had to have the warmest body. And the prettiest eyes.

"I did NOT just use the word pretty." He grumbled quietly. Sweeping his eyes across the kitchen he glanced at the hall he just came from to see if anyone was there. His eyes sparkled with mischief as he switched into the thief mode.

Slipping through the small crack in the door that he had created he made his way to the table in the middle of the room.

The food smelled heavenly. Licking his lips he grabbed some strawberry shortcake and dropped it into one of the plates piled up on the side. And he grabbed a chicken leg and some fruits and sneaked out of the kitchen. He held the leg with his teeth and cradled the fruits in his overly large shirt and the shortcake was safe in his other hand.

Feeling happy with himself he made his way to Dante's room. It was absolutely against his character to stay even after facing the clear rejection earlier that morning but somehow… he didn't want to leave.

He wanted to wait for the lying two-faced bastard so he could slice his throat up and watch him bleed with his trusty knife that had saved him from Big Mac.

Speaking of Big Mac. Been a long time since he saw him.

Maybe he should just go back to his lying stealing life and go pay a visit to the hulking bastard. And he should never come back.

Bet if he did that then Dante would come running to look for him again and actually end up getting raped.

He had a score to settle with that Riley. Who did he think he was touching his Dante?

He slammed close the door on his way into the bedroom and threw the fruit onto the bed and bit viciously into the chicken. He placed the cake daintily on the side table and plopped onto the bed letting himself bounce on it once.

Stupid, idiot, bastard Dante had to go get himself nearly raped and had to give him a heart attack in the process.

He had never felt so scared in his life. Not even when he had been… when he had been violated.

He had just accepted what happened to him but Dante… Dante was too pure to have that happen to him.

And then he had to go and kiss him too.

Tobias threw a pillow at the door hard and bit into his chicken again.

The fucking bastard had to go ahead and kiss him and then reject him in the morning. He deserved a punch. A big fat punch that would break that pretty little nose of his and split those full pink lips.

Oh yes. He would make him bleed.

He got his chance when he saw the bedroom door open and there was his blue-eyed devil staring at him. Grabbing the first thing that came into his hand he threw it at Dante only to realise it was an apple. It sailed through the air in a smooth arc and landed on the side of the targets face.

'Fuck.' He exclaimed. He had been meaning to aim for the nose.

"What? What was that for?" Dante said cupping his cheek.

"For being a complete bastard!" He yelled at him and then lowered his voice immediately as Dante made frantic shushing motions.

"What did I do?" Dante said sharply as well feeling his face starting to bruise. The apple was thrown with force and his cheekbone had taken the brunt of it. Wait! Where'd the apple come from? "And you left the room! You could've been caught! What were you thinking?"

"I was hungry! You didn't leave me any food as you left this morning practically tripping over your own feet! Wanted me to starve or something? You even threw my clothes away!" His voice started getting higher again and he had to make a conscious effort to bring his volume down.

"I'm sorry all right? I just didn't think! I… I was confused and… uh…" He bent to pick up the apple that he had thrown at him and threw it into the air catching it as it came back down again.

"My apple! Give me back my apple! MINE!" Tobias scrambled out of the bed and grabbed for the apple, which Dante held out of reach. "Give it!"

"No." Dante said breathily as Tobias tried to snatch the apple. Finding that he couldn't grab it from his position he stood flush against the blonde boy and reached up with both his hands. His scent floated over to Dante and he breathed in deeply not even realising he was doing so. He watched his bright red eyes narrowed with concentration and annoyance, his sight followed the gentle curve of the slightly upturned nose and his full pink lips.

At once the memory of kissing him came rushing back at him so fast that he gasped and pushed the boy away from him. He miscalculated his force and Tobias ended up stumbling backwards and losing his balance.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" He snapped at him. That was the second time that day that Dante had pushed him hard enough to make him fall.

"I'm sorry! I don't know what I am doing! This is not supposed to be right. This is wrong." He started rambling, sliding down the wall and falling to a heap on the floor. He held his head in his hands trying to hide his face. "This is wrong! Wrong! Wrong!"

Feeling completely devastated at his absolutely insane feelings he let the apple go. It dropped down to the floor and rolled a little away from him.

Tobias watched Dante mutter to himself but he couldn't even begin to fathom what he was on about. Feeling angry and frustrated at the other boy's rather frequent mood swings. What right did he have to kiss him like he owned him the night before only to reject him the next morning?

It's not like he wanted anything more from Dante or nothing, but he didn't have to act like such a fucking bastard!

And the nerve of the guy to push him too. Twice!

His eyes narrowed at the hunched boy in front of him. What was Tobias really to him? A charity case? A bed warmer? A potential fuck?

The last possibility made something in him snap as he grabbed the apple off the floor and swung it at Dante for the second time that day with as much force as he could muster.

The bastard then had the decency to forget all about Tobias the next morning and leave him to starve and then yell at him for leaving the room to feed himself.

The apple connected with the boy's temple and Dante gasped in pain and surprise.

But that's not all! He had to throw away his clothes too! He had absolutely made sure that the thief would not be leaving. And this is the thanks he got for saving his pretty little ass the night before.

That ungrateful little…

He grabbed a shoe that was thrown nearby and threw it at the still dazed boy and it connected with his face.

Tobias watched as Dante's expression shifted from confusion to anger. The really angry one. The one where Tobias wanted to run.

He watched the usually warm blue eyes become icy and narrowed and his lips were pressed into a thin line.

"What is wrong with you?" He snapped getting up suddenly. Refusing to be looked down upon Tobias jumped up as well.

Fixing him with a glare of his own he refused to back down. Feeling on the bed with his hand without breaking eye contact he felt another hard fruit in his hand and he threw it. It connected with a blazer-covered chest but the deep thud told him that it must have hurt.

"Stop acting like an idiot! What is wrong with you?" He yelled at the red-eyed boy and received nothing but a small orange thrown at him. Unfortunately the orange was too ripe and it burst at the impact leaving a very interesting stain on the blue blazer.

Outraged Dante stared at the goo as it slid down his coat and then fell onto the carpet, which was already stained with the orange.

Dante's eyes met Tobias' and all he had time to say was, "Uh oh."

The blonde boy jumped to the side table, which held the strawberry cake and watched with fascination, as Tobias' eyes grew large with understanding and horror.

"No. Leave the cake! I swear I will make your life a living hell if you do anything to the cake. I will kill you in your sleep. I will…" With an evil smile Dante dumped the cake into the nearest garbage can and watched Tobias.

His triumphant feeling faded almost immediately at the absolutely crushed expression on the smaller boy's face. "Tobias…"

"But it was strawberry…" He whispered quietly and then regarded Dante with eyes full of betrayal and remorse. "It was strawberry."

Dante knew about his infatuation with the red fruit but he had no idea it ran that deep. Hell, a week or so ago he hadn't even known about that fruit. It had been by chance that Dante had picked some off the kitchen table and given them to him.

Dante watched, as the smaller boy seemed to suddenly look much younger. His red eyes misted with unshed tears that he refused to shed as he gazed longingly at the garbage can.

Tobias acted so much like an adult sometimes that it came as a surprise when he was reminded that he was just a boy. He had seen this side of him just once earlier when he had had that nightmare about the rapist.

The rapist! He had forgotten all about his promise to protect Tobias against that sick man. And here he was hurting him instead.

Tobias couldn't believe he had thrown it away. He had wanted that cake. He had been hungry all day and he had thrown it away.

Maybe Dante wasn't much different after all. He remembered how his first foster parents had treated him. They had shown him food and then not given it to him. They had let him sit there as they ate their chicken and rice and cakes and had given him nothing to eat for days on end. He remembered the 'naughty stool'. They had made him sit there and not move.

And they had eaten in front of him.

He wasn't allowed to complain. He wasn't allowed to cry. He was not allowed to ask for any of the food. That's when he had started stealing. He had needed to steal the food at night to survive the stay in that house.

How was this situation any different? Dante had 'forgotten' to feed him today and even after realising that he had thrown away the food he had had to 'steal'.

"I don't want your fucking cake! I don't want your fucking food or your fucking so-called friendship. I don't want to have anything to do with you!" He yelled not caring if everyone in the house heard.

Dante opened his mouth to say something – anything – to calm him down but Tobias continued to yell.

"I don't want your warm bed or your nice baths. I don't even want your fucking over large clothes. Here! Take them!" He shouted as he pulled the shirt over his head and slipped quickly out of the pyjamas bundling them up and throwing them in the general direction of the blonde boy.

Dante realised at that moment that he had never really gotten him any underwear.

"Tobias! Look I'm sorry. Put your clothes back on." Dante said trying to act calm through the furious blush that was making its way to his face when Tobias stood before him in all his glory.

"No!" He yelled fisting his hands. "No! Give me my clothes back!"

Dante picked up the bundled clothes and threw them right back and said calmly, "I am sorry for not making sure you had enough to eat and I am sorry I threw the cake away. I'm sorry. I really am. Now please put your clothes back on." His voice was soft and soothing and it seemed to help calm Tobias down considerably.

As his anger came down Tobias realised his state of undress and self-consciously wrapped his arms around his chest but still refused to put the shirt on.

"Please?" Dante said one more time when Tobias refused to move and had started staring at the garbage can again. He stepped forward and picked up the clothes handing them to the smaller boy making sure his eyes stayed glued to his face.

"Please just put the clothes on Tobias. I'm sorry. I'll get you some more cake. How about that?" He asked softly. For some inexplicable reason seeing Tobias so upset was hurting him. A lot.

"I don't want any more cake." He said sullenly. His eyes still glued to the garbage can.

"What do you want then?" Dante asked softly.

'A kiss'. The thought came unbidden and funny enough, it didn't bother Tobias at all. He just seemed to be detached. But he couldn't really ask for kiss, could he? Dante was obviously disgusted by the prospect. He was probably disgusted by him right now. Disgusted by the body that was exposed to him knowing that he had been used over and over again.

That thought just seemed to snap his control and suddenly he didn't care what Dante saw. Tears leaked from his eyes and he wanted to crawl into the warm blankets that smelled of the blue-eyed boy.

Leaving the clothes, Dante shot forward and wrapped him in his arms willing him to stop crying. He didn't know what he had said that had caused him to burst into tears.

Frankly, he had no idea how the simple situation had escalated to these heights.

Burying his face in the dark hair he made shushing noises to calm him down. He placed a small kiss into the wild hair under him and felt thin arms come hesitantly around his waist and hold him tightly.

"What do you want Tobias?" Dante whispered into the hair, rubbing his arms up and down the upset boy's back feeling the soft smooth skin under his fingers. He tried desperately to not think about his nakedness at the moment and instead focussed all his attention on trying to calm him down.

All the warning that Dante had was Tobias pulling away slightly before he was pulled down by the shirt he was wearing only to have his lips meet the pink parted ones next to him.

Tobias' hands buried themselves into Dante's hair and pulled his face down to deepen the kiss, his tongue probing the stunned lips to open.

Surprised Dante opened his mouth automatically to the questing tongue demanding entrance and moaned when the velvety muscle met his. His arms tightened around the small body and leaned into the warmth.

Tobias licked, nipped and tasted everything that Dante's mouth had to offer and then deftly slipped his hand under his shirt to brush against one dusty pink nipple. Dante moaned into Tobias' mouth who, encouraged by the reaction, continued to roll the small nub to hardness.

Dante's body jerked from the onslaught of the pleasurable sensations that were wracking his body. All forms of conscious thought flew out of the window and he found himself forcing his lips harder against Tobias and his hands dipped lower to cup the firm round behind and squeezed hard enough to slam the slim hips into his.

Tobias gasped at the delicious friction the simple act created and he slammed his rapidly awakening member into the cloth-covered hips in front of him. He pulled the shirt off impatiently and as soon as one hard nipple was exposed to the air he latched himself onto it, sucking and biting it while at the same time grinding their hips together listening to the absolutely delicious noises that his host was making.

Tobias pulled away slightly and manoeuvred both of them onto the bed such that he was straddling the panting boy under him and he started to pull the shirt open all the way down. His hands stopped at the waist of the pants and he looked at Dante for permission but he seemed too far-gone to pay attention to such small details.

Figuring it was too late to back out now he pulled the zipper down and released the aching erection.

Once Dante's need was free and standing proud in front of Tobias all rational thought and sanity rushed back to him and he re-evaluated their actions.

Dante was a virgin. Did he truly want to lose his virginity like this? With him of all the people? He was clearly too far-gone to be able to make a decision like that.

Oh god… but Tobias wanted him so bad. He looked at the boy under him, his eyes rolled back in pleasure and his face flushed pink. He looked absolutely delicious. And Tobias was very hungry.

He bent down his face so close to Dante's member all he had to do was dart his tongue out and taste him. The small creamy bead of liquid that had pooled on the tip looked so tempting…

Tearing himself away from the alluring sight he pulled himself flush against his body and wrapped his arms around him. He wanted him so bad… so bad… but only when Dante actually knew what he was getting into. He wanted Dante to want him when he was thinking with his head, not his dick.

He placed a soft kiss to the slightly damp chest in front of him and felt Dante's arms come around him and hug him tightly. He didn't know what had gone through the older boy's mind right then but he just knew that maybe… just maybe he did stand a chance.