There he stood,


On the snow-frosted

Hill, like a lion

About to strike.

Every inch of his

Proud, elegant

Body was filled

With a savage power

And grace only

He could possess.

A luminous horn

Sprouted out

Of his noble

Head, his cloven

Hooves crystal clear

With the strength

Of diamond.

He reared,

Uttered a piercing neigh,

Crying defiance to

The night sky,

Forelegs striking out.

His rider gracefully

Handled her

Proud and noble steed.

Her face was fair

Beyond the measure of


Raven black tresses

Billowed out behind her.

Radiant eyes glowed beneath

Her brow, her

Skin creamy white,

A noble elven

Lady of

Royal heritage.

She whispered to

Her mount.

He shook his head,

Arched his neck,

And they galloped off,

Out of sight,

But never out of

My heart.