How can I

Turn against what

I have been taught?

There are no secret worlds,

No hidden civilizations,

No mythical creatures

Tucked away into


But how can I

Ignore the domain

Of imagination,

Almost as tangible

As reality?

Where children depart

To escape the pain of

The outside world, standing

On the bank, watching

As the river of Time flows

Steadily by.

Where knights in shining

Armor fight dragons

Spitting fire, where children

Take flight on

Winged steeds, where

Children chase fairies

In a forest glade.

Secret worlds do

Exist, and mythical

Creatures are readily

Fashioned by a youthful


Adults have lost

The key to their

Imagination, banished the

Magic in their

Hearts, but who is

To say these worlds

Do not exist? Why

Do they deny their

Existence? For

Seeing is believing, and

They too have seen the

Realm of dreams, once

Upon a time.