Golden Love

Chapter 1

This wasn't right. He couldn't get that girl out of his head. Instead of any other girl that he had ever met she had something different. Something special. He actually felt something when he thought about her…

My name is Landon West-Castle. I am an ancient vampire whom everyone has thought dead for centuries. My reputation, however, did not die. I am powerful and people know it. I often catch some of the lesser vampires talking about me and I find plenty of pride in that. I would rather no one know that I am still alive because vampires now are power hungry and would take advantage in any way the could of an ancient vampire.

I love women. They are my reason for still living in this world. The women I like are wild, willing, and used; the kind of women who want me for the same reasons. They tease and flirt while also managing to find other people to stare at. These are the right kind of women. They are especially hard to find for myself. I think it's because of my looks but I haven't been able to see myself, because I haven't had a reflection, since my "death." Although I have seen my brothers and if I look like them then I'm guessing that's the reason.

Your reflection and feelings come back to you when you find The One. The One is a woman like no other. She is someone who makes you whole again. You still stay the same creature you are but now instead of being less than human you become an upgrade of humans. Someone more powerful and still with the emotions of humans.

The One is usually someone of the same species, which is why I stay away from all of my kind. But very rarely it can be human. I have to watch my back. Always. And not only from finding my woman....The one I'm supposed to love and protect. Also from others who would kill me or feed from me to gain strength. Even women have sometimes turned on their charms in my presence in order to try and trick me into thinking they are besotted with me.

I would rather not find my woman. I want to think of myself as free. As far as anything…and anyone…goes I am free. Not attachments and no damn strings. I am one of the rare few who like being able to just be a mindless killing machine. No feelings…No guilt…No remorse…That's the way I would like my life should stay.

That was the way I thought before I met Amore. Shy, frightened, insecure…Perfect words to describe the inside. The outside was a different story. Pale lips – the prettiest, most captivating pink rose color, dark red hair, between bright red and dark brown, captivating blue-grey orbs, the perfect body: lush full breasts, small waist but not thin, long legs, thick thighs, tiny feet, perfect hour-glass figure, ears pierced once, and hair kept long. One word to describe her: Perfect.

That was only on the outside, however. On the inside she was exactly what I didn't want. Insecure and virtuous. I had only talked to her for a few minutes at a local bar while looking for women but I know. You can always pick up the vibes on these ones when you talk. They scream at you to be their first in an animalistic way. To show her pleasures not only from love making but also from feeding. I had to learn to ignore it and move on but damned if I can't get this girl, Amore, out of my mind now.

My perfect romance begins…