Chapter 2

Landon was hungry. He could feel it in every fiber of his being. He wanted food and he wanted it now. The only source of food he wanted tonight was a friendly woman's blood.

Landon walked into the bar and just like every other night he walked in and everyone became silent and the room became still. It stayed that way for a moment. When everyone resumed talking Landon made his way across the room to the bar stools scouting for a young woman the whole time.

Seeing a woman sitting at the end of the bar by herself he headed over. She was a little conservative looking but some woman liked to use a façade. Even if a little conservative she looked gorgeous.

Landon reached over and placed a friendly hand on her shoulder. "Hi." She immediately moved a small bit away. She stuttered out a small "hi" in response. Landon almost laughed out loud. She certainly was interesting. He'd never seen someone who was convincing in her little act. Ever.

Just then the bartender found her way over. "What would you like tonight, Mister?" She asked while leaning a little to far over the counter. Landon looked over in time to see the young woman at his side roll her eyes and look over in another direction from the too-small-for-his-liking bosom. "I'll have and rum and coke and whatever this young woman on my right would like?"

She looked up a little surprised. "You don't…I mean, why not…" She trailed off miserably. Landon was a bit delighted by her response.

"It's my pleasure." He said while he took hold of her hand and placed a small kiss on the smooth top of her lovely hand. Only after he did it did he realize that he had kissed her left hand. He refrained from doing that because of the symbolic state of the left hand for humans. He was not a superstitious man but if at all possible he'd prefer not to jinx himself.

Still he kept his face void of emotion except for a fake charm. She looked at him and replied, "I'll have a Pepsi." The blonde moved away from the counter while jealously muttering something about goody-two-shoes who come to the bar and drink non-alcoholic drinks."

He looked at her red, curly hair, her beautiful blue eyes, perfect mouth, and body. She, in turn, studied him as blatantly as he did her.

He had gorgeous bright blue eyes with black hair that seemed only to enhance his eyes. He was built like a nineteenth century warlord; muscles that were subtle and graceful like a predator cat. Tan skin with a bit of paleness underlying it. He was pure beauty in a masculine form. He even had muscular thighs she thoughts before realizing what he probably thought she was looking at.

She looked up quickly from where she had been looking. He had watched her face grow an interested mask before that with amusement actually blooming on his own face. It would be a long while after that before he would realize he had felt the amusement his face resented.

When she looked up and saw him watching her and a blush painted her porcelain cheeks he quickly realized that she was not pretending to be shy or conservative. She really was.

Landon stood abruptly, putting some money on the counter for his untouched drink and her Pepsi. "I'm sorry. I must go but it was very nice to meet you…" He trailed off, at a loss.

"Amore." She responded. He nodded before heading out the door. It wasn't until much later she realized he had never given his name or even offered it in return. She sighed and took a long swig of her Pepsi.