Reading People & Life in General

"Everywhere I look I see the evils of man." - Anonymous

It sickens me when people who barely know me try to tell me what kind of person I am from a few conversations.

A wise person once told me, "Tell people what they want to hear."

Telling people everything on your mind is not the wisest thing nor it's the smartest thing. It's not cute either to tell people things what everyone else is afraid to say. Things are not said for a reason and are best not said at all. Sure the truth can set you free but you would feel like a better person if everyone around you didn't give you all the answers.

I'll be damned before I get all the answers to my questions about life from everyone around me. Those answers come from your experiences and learning from them.

Everyday I see people, lots of people.

I don't just see people. I see patterns. I could sit on a bench in a mall or anywhere and watch people go by and read people and their human behavior patterns. If you understand the following quote, then you would see it as well:

"All is one, one is all." - Izumi, Fullmetal Alchemist

I know most people I know haven't figured this out so I'll explain. It simply means, the world is the all and we as human beings are the one. On a scientific level, we know that we are all made up of elements and compounds. When we die, we'll become those same compounds and elements again to feed and support the world and everything on it. We are part of an endless pattern or cycle that we can never escape from. Applied to behavior, each one of your movements, gestures, and even speech says something about you to me.

People ask me time and time again why I don't like looking people in the eyes.

Your eyes tell a lot about your soul.

It's a shame on how many ugly souls there are in this world.

Don't reverse this on me either.

I know how ugly my soul is.

At least I can look myself in the mirror everyday minus makeup, "da phattest haircut/style", or anything else hiding it, unlike other people, and can tell you straight forward I know what devil is looking back at me in the reflection.

People need to understand that life is nothing more than a game of cards. You're dealt a hand at birth and it's how you play, not use these cards is how you succeed at life. Life can be compared to a game of chess as well as strategic thinking is required for living in it.

Severalpeople in my life I've met after my friend killed himself have opened my eyes time and time again in which that everyone is suffering, some far more worse off than myself. I want to help every single one of these people in my life and be there for them as they knowwho they are.That way I can gain the strength to deal with my own hells.