Author's note: This is my first shot at poetry so if you can give me any advice, comments, anything about this piece I will be difinately greatful...I think I spelled definatly wrong. OH WELL! Now on with the poem...

Goodbye To You

For the rest of your life,

Have the time of your life,

Just because I'm gone,

Don't think your life is done,

Don't wish your life away,

Remember what I've said today,

I'll be there in your head,

I'll listen to all you've said,

I'll talk to you,

I'll dream with you,

I'll get rid of all those fears,

So you'll never shed tears,

Just remember all I've said,

Because to you I'll never be dead,

Just because our love is true,

I wish I'd never have to say goodbye to you,

I don't know what is best,

Can't tell if this is our test,

Don't cry for me, love,

I'll be in a better place above,

But if you come to see me,

Dream of me in a forest of trees,

As I fade to black,

Don't turn your back,

Try to stay strong,

Live long,

As I fade away to the world above,

I'll never leave you my love,

I love you,

And goodbye to you…