Dark of dark…I travel the lonely night. What do I fear? Limitation. But I will not fall. I will be mightier. Then no one can limit me. I accept you wholly and willingly. Won't you come? Be with me. You are beautiful. Won't you please come to me? Into me. Be a part of me. We shall be immortal. My light has gone. Dark of dark.

"Sooo! How's my little baby girl?" the old man says. Ha what a fool. I walk past the park hosting this scene and continue on the worn sidewalk path in the humid gloom preceding sun set.

I live for the night. But I do not fear the day. I see a lonely boy, hiding in the trees from something. He is a wise little boy to fear the unknown. His shivers entice me, and I respond to their call.

"Boy, what are you hiding from?" I give the call, looking over his body. It is beautiful and strong. The boy gives me a defiant look.

"Who the hell are callin' a boy? You're barely older than I am! And I'm not hiding from anybody you fuck." The boy is angry with me, and refuses to answer my question. I step closer.

"Why do you lie to me? I can see it in your mind. You are hiding from your friends because they do wrong and you do not want to be a part of it. You are battling the choice of morality and company are you not? Shall I name your friends or tell you what I'm thinking?"

The boy is helpless against my words, and turns his head away from me in fear disguised as boldness.

"What the hell do you want, you freak." The boy knows he wants to hear what I have to say. Curiosity killed the everything.

"I want you. Come to me, you belonged to me when I could see your soul." It is almost completely dark. If he does not run; I will be disappointed.

"You're a lunatic! If you wanna get laid, go get a whore." The boy began to back away from me, deeper into to the forest blackened by night. I can't restrain myself any longer and I began to run after him, causing the boy to stumble into a blind dash into the forest. Claws of trees hang low trying to catch our clothing and get in the way. I won't be stopped until I have become one with this attractive body that runs away from me, now running with the elegance of a frightened doe. Closer and closer…I hear the desperate cries of the boy as he runs from what he doesn't know. I reach out to redeem my prize, stopping him dead in his tracks, flailing for any kind of help. Doesn't he know I'm here to help him?

"NO! NO! Someone HELP! Oh no…oh shit no…" the boy sobs in anguish as I lay him neatly down, holding his thin wrist to keep him from making any major movements. One cloth to another on the ground in a pile, until there is no cloths to hide this precious body I have found. The boy starts to holler.

"Oh NO! NO, NO, NO! please don't do this to me! I'm sorry for whatever I did, no don't." he sobs.

He must be weeping for joy. The joy of meeting the one who will make him immortal. He smells of wet earth and artificial fragrances as I bring my face close to his chest. It trembles underneath my weight, glorious and pale in the meager light of the juvenile moon. Perfect.

Sinking my teeth into his tender skin is thrilling, the metallic salty taste of the blood as it drips down my lips and trickles past my chin is pure bliss. The boy's cries crescendo to the purest high note; the note of misery and suffering. I start to devour him faster as the blood is intoxicating, making want more. I know his heart will taste delicious once I get there, but first things first. Pure high notes of excruciating pain turn to pathetic burbling moans as I continue to devour as much as I can hold.

This one is strong; I can still feel his weakened spastic chest movements and small cotton like paths of air coming from his mouth when others barely moved. I kiss him on the lips lithely, reddening his lips with his own blood. A small whimper escapes his lips. His natural beauty makes me hold my breath a little. I take my hands on his exposed rib cage and open it wide, forcing it to break with a snapping pop of sounds. His heart is slowly stopping its constant tattoo with every second. I force it out, it finally gives, spurting blood all over the area and the trees. The meat is tuff, but I consume it bite by delicious salty bite, knowing that the boy lives in me now, and I will be stronger. Now I, he and all the others are one in everlasting power. I stand up, looking at the rest of the body. It is an empty useless shell now. My home is calling me. I would love to keep the fragrance of blood on me, but then they would tell the other perfect ones lies about me, and make them afraid to be with me and be stronger.

My light, has gone. Won't you be a part of me?

Ewwgie. Is this man gay? Well not to my knowledge but he sure is a sicko. Welcome to the world of the depraved. Why did I write this? To brush up on my gory scenes. What made me make it so violent like this? The grape fruit. XD

Warning: eating grapefruit while writing stories is not safe or advised X3