Chapter One

"And we're back!" The energetic reporter bounded down the courtroom steps, "If your just tuning in we are waiting for the verdict on the Arson case of Jacob Wilaman and Pipper Sanders. Judge Macabee will be announcing the verdict in 5 minutes.

"Pipper you lied to me!" Phoebe yelled at her daughter, " You said you didn't do it!"

"I didn't mom, I tried to get the people out!" Pipper yelled at Phoebe, "I had soot on my hands and they just saw someone running from the scene."

"What about Jacob, huh?"

"Jacob's trying to protect me he didn't do!"

" And I'm supposed to believe you?"

"Yeah, mom you are," Pipper reasoned.

"Pipper ---," Phoebe said as Pipper was lead into the courtroom.

"And here comes the judge," the reporter almost yelled into her microphone.

"You may be seated. Will the defendants please rise?" The judge paused as Jacob stood and Pipper followed suit, "Mr. Jacob Wilaman you are being tried for the Arson of Professor Cahill's ranch property. The court finds you guilty of all charges. Mr. Wilaman you are here-by sentenced as an adult for these crimes and you will spend 8 months in jail and will have 2 years of community service."

"Ms. Pipper Sanders, you are being tried for assistance in Arson of Professor Cahill's ranch Property. The court finds you guilty. Ms. Sanders you were charged as a youth and will spend 8 months in the Octavia Juvenile Delinquent Center and will work on the Bridle Path Horse Farm and Horse Camp in Louisville, Kentucky and will follow-up with 4 more months of work there."

The judge took a breath before swinging his gavel and leaving the courtroom.

" Sorry Mrs. Sanders, good-bye Pipper," their lawyer said before leaving the courtroom.

"Bye, mom," Pipper gave her mom a quick hug before running over to Jacob, "I'm sorry Jacob, I'm sorry."

Pipper cried in his shoulder as he hugged her, he took her face from his shoulder, "It's not your fault, we'll find the guy don't worry. I'll write." Jacob gave her a kiss before they lead him away.

Pipper stood there crying as a young blonde with blue eyes and a suit came over to her, "Pipper, I'm Mylia Waterdale I'll be your Care Agent, it's like a Parole Agent," Mylia said to Pipper's confused look.

"Ok," Pipper whispered as Mylia lead her out of the courtroom and kept the paparazzi away as she walked to the car to head for Louisville.

Pipper sat quietly in the car for the eight-hour drive to Louisville, KN.

"Pipper before we get there I want to explain some things. First your schedule: In the morning you'll go to school for three hours after calisthenics which last an hour and then you will travel with me to Bridle Path everyday. You'll stay there from 11:30 to 7:30pm. You will then come back for dinner and recreation. You have three weeks of school left and then you will move to Bridle Path and stay there for the rest of your sentence until school starts again. And Pipper these kids aren't like the ones you went to school with, they aren't like you. Some of them have done much worse crimes then you, so watch your back ok? So do you understand your schedule?"

"Yeah, I guess," Pipper said as she looked out the window into nothingness, "Just one thing, what time do I wake up and got to bed?"

"Well lights out is at 10:00 for your age and you wake up for calisthenics at 7:30."

"Uh," Pipper announced gloomily.

"Well here we are." Mylia said happily. "Octavia Juvenile Delinquent Center!"

"Yea!" Pipper said sarcastically.

Mylia got out of the car and walked up to the security guard and motioned for Pipper to follow, "Pipper this is Ben the Assistant Warden."


"Hello what?"

"Hello, sir." Pipper said looking at the ground.

"That's better." Ben announced, "Well, Mylia you haven't changed, still your blue-eyed blonde self. When do you turn 26, again?"

"Next week!" Pipper stood there awkwardly as Ben and Mylia talked for almost fifteen minutes.

"So your sixteen right?" Ben said turning back into work mode.

"Yeah, I turn 17 next month."

"Ok, brown hair, long, green eyes, skinny…"

"I weigh 100 ponds, I used to dance." Pipper said answering his unasked question.

"OK, well 5,1?"

"Nah, Ballerinas have to be short I'm 4,11," Pipper announced gloomily, Man do I miss dancing!

Pipper froze as Ben stared her down as he finished his report, even though they did this in Miles, her hometown she still wasn't used to it, "Ok, go on through."

"Oh, thanks. Bye." Pipper said as Mylia nudged her through the entrance and toward the metal detector.

"Stop right there. I need to check you." A fat guard got off his seat and walked over to Pipper. He patter her down and took extra long on her coat and shirt until Mylia pushed Pipper forward for her turn, "Hmm."

"Was that necessary?" Pipper asked as she walked on after the fat guard had finished.

"Yeah, sorry he's kinda' weird, but he does that every time you enter the building. If he does anything you go to Ben, ok?"

"Yeah, thanks." Pipper said smiling for the first time in almost a month.

"Here." A young female guard pushed an orange jump suit into Pipper's hands, "Fashionable." Pipper said rolling her eyes.

Mylia laughed, "You get used to it."