Last Time: "So we have a motive, you may want to talk to James about this."

Chapter Thirteen

"Mylia what are you doing in my neck-of-the woods?" A man about 50 with bowl cut brown hair and a stone cold hard face asked Mylia two days later.

"I need my favor Will," Mylia said as she sat down in the warden's office in the only prison for a couple of miles.

"Now Mylia that is a mighty big favor," Will responded after Mylia had explained what she needed.

"But isn't it worth knowing that the real culprit will be apprehended," Mylia paused and looked at the Warden's undecided face, " and I'll make you dinner every night for a month."

"Alright but no more favors," They shook hands and then Will led Mylia to talk with Jacob Wilaman.

Jacob walked from his cell to the Visitor's room dreading the talk with this Mylia Waterdale. Didn't Pipper say something about a Mylia?

"Hello Jacob," A young woman of almost 26 with long blonde hair tied up in a messy bun and almond shaped eyes stated.

"Hello, Mrs. Waterdale." Jacob said dryly showing no emotion, " Hoe may I help you?"

"Well as you might know I am Pipper's Care Agent. I take care of her while she's in Octavia."

"Yeah so?" Jacob said blankly.

"Well I believe Pipper is innocent and she seems to believe that you are too," Mylia drew her breath before continuing, "Do you know a Zack Smith? He was supposed to be in your class at college."

"I'm not in college," Jacob said trying to hide the shocked expression on his face.

" I know but my understanding was that you took college classes during your senior year. Um POLY-SCI 101 with Professor Cahill I think."

"Yeah, Zack Smith I think I know him, he failed Cahill's class too."

"You failed? Hmm, well what happened when you failed?"

"Well my mom made me quit taking classes and I didn't get any money from her for gas."

"So you couldn't drive anymore?"

"Yeah and I got grounded. I wasn't allowed to go out or see Pipper or anything. I was so mad I could…"

"Have started the Arson with the help of Zack Smith?" Mylia interrupted.

"Thanks you for your time, Mrs. Waterdale. I think we are done now." Jacob got up in a hurry, with a worried expression on his face.

"That was interesting," Mylia mumbled to herself, "Good day, Jacob."

Mylia hurried out to call Ben.

"Zack we have a problem." Jacob said into the phone after the meeting.