Follow up to Leave love bleeding in my hands: Billie's story.

Summary: A tragedy takes Billie back home after six years and she's forced to work along side the man that has always owned her heart. She knows she should stay far away from him but the attraction takes over when the case takes more then a few deadly turns. Nicholas and Sasha come to town to help anyway they can awhile dealing with the separation from their daughter.

Have you ever seen the Rain?

Chapter 1

Billie Savich walked through the halls of The FBI agency she worked at, a special unit with a high success rate. She was glad to be chosen to be an apart of the team, but right now she was anything but glad. She knocked once n her boss's door, Pete Truman, before he called out. "Come in."

Billie walked in, sitting in the seat Pete motioned to. He gave her a warm smile as he said. "I heard about your brother. I'm sorry."

"Thank you."

"Now you know you can take as much time off as you need. But I have a feeling there's more to this meeting." Pete said, using his talent to read people.

Billie shifted in her seat, leaned forward some. "I talked to a detective on my brother's case. It's 100 sure now, it's murder. I can't just sit back and wait for someone to catch his killer. I want to work on the case. Not take over, just work along side." she explained. There was hope in her words, determination.

Pete nodded. "I knew you would feel that way. Anyone in your shoes probably would. They know your coming and you have access to any files that you would need. It's clear the FBI isn't taking over the case, they were worried about that. All they're getting is an excellent agent to help with the legwork. I talked to Commissioner Dillon Merchant, he's agreed to everything." he explained.

Billie's heart skipped a beat when she heard the name. It had been so many years. With the chaos of everything, she forgot he became Commissioner. "Thank you sir, for all your help." she said with a weak smile.

"Are you all right with going back home after all these years?" Pete asked. He was always concerned about his agents, treated as if they were his children.

Billie was silent for a moment. "Yes. It's been six years; the past is in the past. What matters now is finding Joey's killer." she explained.

Pete knew that's what she wanted to believe. He couldn't interfere; she had to work it out on her own. "That's good to hear. About your brother's murder, I know you guys talked and were close. Is there anything that stands out about the last couple of weeks? Maybe he was scared or let on something was wrong?" he asked.

Billie shook her head. "No. I went over every time we talked, over and over. Nothing seemed out of place, he was himself." she explained.

"The clues are out there, all you and the police have to do is find them. Once you get into town the puzzle should come together." Pete explained.

"I'm hoping." Billie said as she stood from her seat. "My flight's in a couple of hours. I should get going. Thank you sir for all your help."

"No thanks needed. If you need anything, just call. When you check in with the Commissioner, call me and let me know." Pete explained. Billie nodded and left the office.

She left the Bureau. She drove down the street, racking her brain. Pete was right, as he always was, something had to be wrong. Or did someone just pick Joey on a whim and kill him? No, that didn't make sense because of the evidence they had. Joey was shot in the head at the church where he was a priest. Whoever committed the murder was let behind to the office area. The killer could've snuck in but there were no signs of that, he was let in, by Joey.

"Come on Joey, something happened. Help me figure it out." Billie said as she hit the steering wheel. She was mad, angry, and sad. She wanted to cry as much as she wanted to hit someone. She took her mind off her brothers murder as much as she could and realized she was going back home. She left six years ago because she couldn't be there any longer. She loved her parents but she couldn't be where everything reminded her of the pain she couldn't get away from. There was a time Billie was so happy and in a second it all changed.

She left Boston and headed as far as she could. Billie always wanted to be in law in forcemeat; the FBI seemed to be the right choice. After training she met Pete and somehow he got her to open up about her past. He wasn't the first physiatrist she talked to, just the first she explained everything to. He had away about himself; you didn't even realize you were spilling your guts. Pete became the father she left behind.

Billie of course missed her parents and saw them whenever they could visit and she had time to see them, which wasn't often. Boston held too many painful memories and now held another, her brother's murder.

She arrived home, going straight to her bedroom to pack. She knew going back would be hard but in the last six years, she found away to heal. The past didn't hurt as bad as it once did. Billie just hoped going back wouldn't re-open old wounds. She prayed seeing Dillon wouldn't break her heart all over again.

Dillon Merchant finished briefing the press on the murder of Father Joseph Savich. He tried to remain professional but his best friend was the one murdered in cold blood at the house of god. As professional as he wanted to be in front of others, there was no mistaking the anger in his bright green eyes.

"Hey, Marty. Anything for me?" Dillon asked his sectary as he entered the police station.

"No messages. But there's an FBI agent waiting in your office." Marty explained, her tone hinted at wanting answers to why but Dillon said nothing.

"Thanks." He said as he walked past Marty and into his office, quietly shutting the door behind him.

She was sitting on the sofa, looking more beautiful then the last time he saw her. More grown up he realized. She focused her big pretty eyes on him. He always thought her eyes could see into his soul. "You got here fast." he pointed out, regaining his thoughts and task at hand.

"You were told I would. You look like hell." She pointed out. He looked like he hadn't slept in weeks but he still took her breath away.

Dillon went and sat behind his desk, looking at her. "Too bad I can't say the same about you Billie. Being gone six years and becoming a fed really agrees with you." he said, wishing she hadn't gotten to him as she did. As she always had.

She swallowed hard. "Thanks." was all she could say.

Dillon smiled at the fact she was just as uncomfortable around him as he was around her. He let out a deep sigh. "We should get to work."


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