Have you ever seen the rain?

Chapter 7

Billie's eyes flew open, it took a minute for her to realize where she was, her hotel room. She sat up and groaned. "Oh god." She whined as she remembered last night. She had taken sleeping pills then her world flipped again, she became a drugged fool.

The door opened it was Dillon. "I came to check on you." he explained.

"I'm sorry for going all crazy on you." Billie wanted him to know.

"I'm glad you turned out to be under the effects of pills. I was worried you were serious about your plan to be bait." Dillon expressed as he pulled out the empty chair and sat.

She grimaced; he wasn't going to like this. "Yes I was hopped on pills but I was serious."

Dillon's green eyes hardened. "Billie."

She shook her head. "You don't understand. I can lure him out. Stop worrying, I was trained for this and I've dealt with worse. I can handle this." She wasn't sure of much but she was sure of that.

"I don't like it."

Billie was too stressed out and on edge to pussyfoot around that morning. "Too bad. I don't work for you. If I chose to do this you can't stop me." She curtly explained.

Dillon met her temper. "It's my case; I call the shots. You can be removed from the case and if you still pursue it then you can be arrested." He made clear.

"You bastard." Billie hissed. "You won't even listen to what I'm saying, why? Is it because I'm a woman, FBI, is this some power trip?" she demanded as her anger rose.

"I won't risk your life."

"Risking lives is part of the job so why are you making a big deal over it?"

"Because!" Dillon snapped, he stopped himself before he said something he couldn't take back and then let out a long sigh. "Your parents shouldn't have to lose another child if there's another way to handle this. And I believe there is." He said more softly and clasped his hands together as he leaned forward. "This would go a lot better if you stopped tying to fight me the whole way."

"You're mistaken, I'm not fighting you." Billie said with her voice still on edge as she rose from the bed. "You're the one treating me as if I'm just Joey's sister, Monica's best friend," she explained referring to his sister. "And treating me as if I'm not an officer of the law that's handled her fair share of dangerous cases." She met his eyes with pure anger in hers. "Stop babying me Merchant."

Dillon had seen her temper before, and then it was much worse so he wasn't much fazed now. "I'm heading back to the office. I'll meet you there and remember you have a meeting with Jill in an hour." He explained as he rose from his chair.

Billie didn't trust herself not to snap again so she just watched as he walked out, shutting the door behind him. She shut her eyes to the tears that surfaced at the familiar scene. "Damn it." She covered her eyes with her hand as she sat back down on the bed. After the wave of emotions calmed down she went and got ready for the day.


"You look angry enough to kill." Marie pointed out as she handed Dillon a cup of coffee. She sat down on the empty chair in front of his desk. "It's the Fed isn't t?" she guessed.

Dillon finally looked up at her. "It's this case, it keeps taking all these twists and turns, that's all." He went back to fingering through the files on his desk.

"Hey boss man." Sasha said walking into the office. "Have you seen Billie?"

"She slept off the pills and should be here soon." Dillon said.

"Thanks. Listen I have some info for you." Sasha said the turned her attention to Marie. "Can you give us a minute?"

Marie sighed and decided she wasn't in the mood for an argument so she left.

"She's part of the case too." Dillon reminded Sasha.

She closed the door. "I know but I don't like her and this is info I don't want everyone to know yet, especially Billie."

That grabbed Dillon's full attention. "What's going on?"

Sasha handed him the file she had carried in. "We have reason to believe our unsub has killed before. Those are cases that relate but it's a hunch, nothing concrete now but we should be aware in case another body pops up." She explained since he was the boss she had to keep him informed.

Dillon sighed as he ran his fingers through his dark hair. "How did you come across this?" as he looked through the file he understood what she meant, all the victims were killed the same way and there was no forced entry.

"My husband is an ex-profiler, he got a feel for the killer and did a little research and found those cases. There are no suspects in any of them, they date back to two years ago and the new one was just a month ago." Sasha briefed.

Dillon continued to read pieces of the file. "They all took place in Boston but never in my jurisdiction before. None of the cases are in the same town." He noticed.

"He's expanding."

Dillon shut the file until later. "Why Joey?"

"Because he was a priest, well known and liked."

"None of the other victims were priests."

"No but they were active in their community, everyone knew of them much like here with Joey. That's another common link." Sasha pointed out. "I believe it's the same guy."

Dillon met her eyes. "So do I."


Billie stopped on her way inside the police station and turned around to meet the voice. "Pete, hey." She hugged the older man she considered a second father.

"What are you headed to do?" He asked.

"I'm doing a sketch with our sole witness, hoping to give a face to this killer. I'm meeting her upstairs now." Billie explained as they walked.

"Mind if I join you?" Pete asked just in case his talents could be used.

"Of course not, come on." They bumped into Sasha and Dillon as they left his office, Billie didn't look his way.

Sasha noted her friend was pissed and decided to take over. "Pete hey this is Dillon Merchant, Dillon this is Peter Truman."

Dillon recognized the older man. "We met last night."

Pete smiled. "Not formally." He said as they shook hands.

Sasha noticed Dillon's expression. "What have you done old man?" she asked, knowing first hand how Pete loved to meddle in his agents lives.

Pete kept his smile. "Nothing. We have a meeting to get to." He hooked his arm with Billie's and they walked away."


Isabelle A.