My life is far from what I expected it to be but it's more that my love life is far from what I expected. Only in my wildest and darkest of dreams that I have dreamed of having Alex to myself but I guess dreams can come true.

We're still together after school finished a yesterday, which should be no surprise to those who know us. I think to a degree everyone was shocked that the Alexander Blackstone is going steady with me, Charlize Connor.

I guess no one expected it least of our school. I wasn't even prepared for it at first but know I couldn't live with out him.

I turned my head to gaze down at the restless head lying on my stomach. His eyes I could see where closed from my position on the green grass. His face was relaxed beneath the warm rays of the sun. I gently traced his jaw in awe as I stared at him lovingly. It still amazed me that he chose me but I don't question it. I am completely over my doubts or hesitation. Just being near him is enough for me.

I smiled as he sucked the tip of my finger into his mouth softly. With bright eyes he rolled over till he was lying half over me with his face level with mine.

'Have a nice rest?' I murmured tracing his eyebrow ridges softly.

'Mmmh,' he murmured rubbing our noses together softly. 'I could get used to waking up next you,' he murmured softly.

'Is that a proposition Mr. Blackstone?' I teased softly before nipping his bottom lip softly.

'Yeah,' he murmured. 'I need a new pillow.'

I couldn't stop myself from laughing indignantly as I pushed him off me and onto his back. Moving swiftly I straddled his stomach to grin down at him triumphantly. I stilled instantly seeing his eyes darkening up at me. He moved quickly that when he sat up I sat firmly in his arms and legs, with my legs wrapped around him comfortably.

He gently cupped my face turning my head to stare intently at me. His eyes were the darkest of greens that reminded me of the Amazon as he stared at me.

'I'm so in love with you Charlie,' he murmured. I never got a chance to reply as he lips pressed intently against mine, almost purposefully.

I felt myself sag in his arms as he pulled me tighter against him to deepen the kiss.

'Why do you two have to keep doing that?' Corin grumbled walking into the back yard with a small group in tow.

We broke a part smiling apologetically at the group as they assembled out on the grass around us. I glanced at the window seeing Collin, and Colt staring at Alex and me sharply. I grinned stupidly at them before turning around to settle in his lap happily, smiling as I felt his arms wrap around me warmly and securely.

'Honestly do you two have to keep sucking face?' Cameron exclaimed from the back door. 'You should just get a room and get on with it.'

'Cameron!' Corin yelled. 'Get lost before I beat you up.'

Raucous laughter erupted in the house as several pairs of footsteps ran upstairs. I was glad to see my brothers at the door all disappear. I still dreaded the day when I face Calvin about my relationship with Alex but I'm glad Corin spoke to him about it. I didn't want to listen to the speech he was going to give me, well not yet anyway.

Looking at my friends sitting in the backyard with us I could see how lucky I was having friends like them. Even families like them. Jake and Vincent lay back on the grass next to each other while they talked enthusiastically with Corin and Emily not far from them.

Our senior year was everything I expected it not to be. It was truly the best year of my life then.

I snagged the babe, which of course is Alex. I got great grades like everyone else in my circle of life. I got accepted into the University of Massachusetts with Alex and all of my friends. I wasn't going to lose my friends like others do when they go to University. I got first place with Morgan in our races.

I got to watch Alex and Corin win championships, bringing home the cup one last time like I said. I got all of Alex's attention at our homecoming dance. Yeah for me.

Though the year had started off as uneventful it quickly became an emotional roller costar before my dreams came true.

The ones I didn't know I had nor needed but I am ecstatic that they did. I guess those happy endings in Hollywood movies can happen; my life proves that it does.

It's reason like this that make me love a good fairy tale because after everything bad happens. After all emotional stress and hurt that occur! After all the angst and doubt! I realize know looking up into his amazing Amazon eyes is that love does concur all, that I will spend the rest of my life getting to know and love him more.

That like all fairytales ever written, I will live Happily Ever After.

Thanks to those who took the time to read. Once again sorry for mistake but i will endevour to fix them later whenI have the tim. I went for the happy ending in my story,I didn't want to give them harder than they had. I think it would have ruin i and dragged it out. I'm a sucker for happy endings.

I'm starting a another story but I won't post it until I get a few chapters into in think, depends if I like the first chapter.

Cheers Azra :-)