It had happened on June the 26th,which was the day that I was heading to my best friend's house to join in on a card game that was going on,only to have me become distracted by the sound of somebody on a motorcycle shooting a revolver at someone else.

That had caused me to head over to the source of the sounds and discover that a crazed nut on a Harley Davidson bike was indeed chasing after a frightened beauty of a babe,shooting a gun at her and telling her that if he can't have her love,then no one will.

After I had heard that,I had ran over to a nearby house,turned on the water and sprayed it on to the road with a garden hose,causing the psycho on the bike to skid out of control and get slammed into a lamp post.

And then,while that crazed jerk was rubbing his head and wondering what had hit him,I had grabbed the damsel in distress by the arm and dragged her away from that nut case before he had regained his senses and started coming after her again.

Then suddenly,after we had finally made it back to my place and realized that I was unable to make the poker game,I had called my best friend and told him about my encounter with the twilight beauty.

And then,after I had straightened everything out with my buddy,I had started looking for the babe that I had rescued,only to discover that she was inside the bathroom taking a nice warm shower.

And just as I was about to ask her why she was using my shower,the babe had placed her hand on my cheek and kissed me ever so passionately on the lips.

Just then,after we had finished experiencing pure and untamed erotica,my future sex partner had placed her head on my chest,took a deep breath and fell asleep.

But then,on the very next day,I had woken up and discovered that I was the only one inside the room and the babe was nowhere to be found,which had caused me to get myself dressed and start looking around the entire neighborhood for the mystery babe.

That was before I had bumped into my best friend,who had informed me that her name was Jessica Stratfold and she had died on June 26th,1969 due to a fatal gunshot blast from the revolver of her estranged lover,James Wopat,who had became so wrapped up with guilt that he had aimed the gun at himself and shot a bullet through his very own skull...killing him instantly.

After I had heard that,I had suddenly felt a cold chill running down my spine and made me realize that if I were to tell anyone else about my encounter with Jessica Stratfold's ghost,they would never be able to believe me,so I had left it at that.