((Author Note: I'm not exactly sure what this poem is about or what my inspiration was, but I just thought it up on the spot. And I felt that I should post it because who knows. Maybe one of you will find it really funny to read. Or maybe you'll hate it, I don't care. You can flame this all you want, words are only words unless you make them mean something. Maybe It's just a bit of too much 'My Chemical Romance' in me. I'm not sure. But the last line is from the song 'I'm Not Okay' so technically its not mine. Thanks –Kimmi))

My life

is filled with

crisp new twenties

and shiny quarters

Gallons of gas

miles on my car

the nervous habit

of pushing the gas

a bit too hard

Parking tickets

nicks and scratches

these things

that dance in my mind

a constant remind I can't drive

Bad grades

bad relationships

bad attitude

and a sour demeanor

It's not my fault

I've taken everything for granted

but I can admit

I'm not okay

welcome to obsession

I've got a problem

welcome to addiction

Too many CDs to count

A purse for everyone I know

jewelry comes and goes

Too many objects for one person

It's not my problem

I'm selfish

I'm wrong

and I've hurt you

What do you expect?

Fast cars

no fear

no embarrassment

Why do I have the problems?

I'm not drunk

I'm never high

I've just got more than mine

I've got a problem

Welcome to obsession

I've got a problem

It's my addiction

I'm not Okay