A full moon was out, and not one star could be seen in the sky at midnight. A figure cloaked in black made its way through the silent village, which was right in the middle of a thick dark forest on an island which was claimed to be "haunted."

Small wooden huts were scattered throughout the clearing, and the figure seemed to making its way to the largest. It moved silently and quickly, and if anyone were to be looking outside they would simply think it was a shadow.

The figure stopped in front of the hut's door, and knocked softly three times. It opened immediately, as if expecting the visitor and the figure disappeared through the door and it closed.

Inside the hut an old man stood, gazing at the cloaked figure. "Please sit," he said. The figure seemed to nod and made its way over a chair, which was hard to make out in the dark.

"What did you call me here for, Elder?" The cloaked figure was a woman; her voice was young, but it was cold and smooth.

The Elder sat in a chair opposite the still-cloaked woman, and smiled grimly at her. "I need you to do something for me. For us." He waved a frail arm over to the window, indicating the village.

She remained silent, so he continued. "I won't bother asking you if you've heard of Kalaan. Everybody in this village has. I've been researching her for years, and I believe she was, indeed, real." The figure scoffed.

"Elder, I don't mean to be rude, but Kalaan is just a myth. A fairy tale to tell the children at night. Sadly, I believe there is no hope for us. We are a dying race."

The Elder acted like he didn't hear her, and headed over to small desk and picked up an old, worn, thin book that looked like it was a diary. He carried it over to the figure while flipping through the pages, and handed it over to her.

She looked at a drawing of a necklace. A green orb hung from a thin golden chain, and the number twenty was written under it. She looked up at the Elder, but he couldn't see her expression from under the hood. "What is this?"

The Elder took the book from her and closed it, returning it to his desk. "It is the means of freeing Kalaan." She scoffed again, but he held up a finger and continued. "I know what I'm talking about. I think someone, very powerful, defeated and trapped Kalaan into twenty of these necklaces. I'm sending you on a mission, to collect and free her. Our race will survive, and the humans will all perish."

The figure leaned back into the chair. "And how will I free her once I collect these necklaces? Assuming your whole theory is correct."

"The necklaces will show you once you have all of them. You will go where they will show you, free Kalaan. We will be able to then come out of hiding, and watch as Kalaan will destroy every last human." The woman just sat there in a disbelieving silence, thinking that this was all the ramblings of a senile old man.

The Elder sat back down, and looked closely at her. "You will do it. You will go out and get the necklaces?" It was an order, and they both knew it. The woman sat there, pretending to contemplate his question just to annoy him.

"Yes. I will do it."


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