Go on

to the after

see what is ahead

but never forget

what was

so on

you must always continue

without that one last look back

but forever remember

where you stopped

walk on

past the horizon

into the place where your dreams come true

but freeze in time

the dreaming

fly on

with the sunrise

smiling for all time on your wings

but always cling to

the sunset

breath on

the air is important

take it in and be forever living

but make sure

you exhale

laugh on

to funnier times

to pleasures and company galore

but still chuckle

at old jokes

live on

to a brighter life

let your mood reflect endless successes

but remember always

the little people

grow on

to new heights

make Everest look up to you

but keep in mind

base camp

follow on

to whole new worlds

never lose sight of the beyond

but forever glance

at home again

see on

to greater distances

may your visions bring you joy

but close your eyes

the memories

move on

to newer friends

love dearly those new that you meet

but never forget

the family