Remember me?

I'm the kid you knew back when

You know, the high school geek

The one who you claimed liked men.

Remember me?

Well do ya?

What, do I have to shoot a bullet right through ya?

Ya know, the kid who was a monkey

The one who was a faggit because he wasn't a car junky,

The dumbass who couldn't think complexly

The one no one would go out with because he wasn't sexy.

Remember me?

What, not yet?

Fine, I'm the guy that liked Jango Fett

The Star Wars dork that had an imagination,

Who was always the focus of a lot of imitation.

So what, I like sci-fi–what's wrong with that?

Oh yes, let's not forget, I'm the ugly little rat.

Remember me?

Oh my God, you must be kidding,

You're so God damn pathetic,

I wish I could slap you where you're sitting.

I'm the "loser" who was an actor

And being teased because of that was a definite factor.

I'm the emotional one, the guy who actually cared

About a few more things than the color of my hair

Who thought of other people and the feelings that they had

Compared to the way you treat them, just like another fad.

Remember me?

I'm the freak who chose Enterprise over CSI

The one who you wished would just die.

I'm the son who you pushed

To have a friend over everyday,

The guy that always had to "go outside and play"

Remember me?

I'm the gay fag whose life was worth nothing,

The boy who you thought was nothing but a something

An alien, a creature not of this earth,

Who was teased all the time for your merry mirth.

Remember Me?

Man, just forget it,

You wouldn't remember me, not even a little bit.

But I am ready and willing to catch the dreams that are mine,

And set up my eternal shrine,

Then, yeah, you'll remember me for all time.