The sky, at night

So full of life

I look with yearning

Hoping against hope

That someone else is wishing upon a star,

Wishing for me.

Brilliance burning through the heavens

Beacons of life, my life, your life,

And though I don't know you

The stars bring us together.

I don't know where you are

But I'm sure you're far away

But as we look up at the stars

Distance melts away

And we are one,

Standing together,

Mere steps away,

I wish it could stay this way.

But soon, the sun will come up

And the stars will fade, and again,

I'll be left waiting for the night.

As the fire descends into the horizon,

I see the first star appear,

And I know you've finally made it here

And we're together again

Looking up towards the sky…