© KwazyKandyPie

Feeling Numb

Take my heart,

Take my heard

Rip it in pieces

You make me feel


Take my voice,

Take my word

Pay no attention

You make me feel


My feelings are

not even downtrodden

For now I only

Feel numb.

I do not feel

I do not comprehend

I do not understand

No one cares to care,

No one cares to notice,

Behind a smile.

Nobody told me

It would hurt so much

To have a heart


Nobody told me

It would be so hard

Just to know you


You look at this now

And wonder what's wrong

You look at this now

And do not understand.

I do not want pity

I do not need sympathy

All I want is to know

That you care.

Do not fake it

I need to be loved

We all need to be loved

As you read this,

Remember the times when

There was someone who did,

Even when they didn't say so.

A change of place

A changed of mood

It's okay

It's never as bas as

It looks.

(Author's Note- Originally written on 6/10/05. June 10, 2005. Hmm, a bit corny, but that's okay. Dedicated to those who can relate to this poem. PAAYYCE! …Did I just say that?)