authors note: K this is really short coz it's just the prologue there's more chapters though so keep reading and reviews please!


"Move your feet!" Drayton told her for the thousandth time, "If you want to be a warrior you have to move."

"Dray we've been practicing all day." Tessa complained, "I think it's time for a rest."

"So when you come face to face with your first dragon or gargoyle or unicorn, I'm sure they'll understand when you ask them if you can just take a little rest." Drayton swung the broadsword aiming a blow for her side.

"But I'm not facing a dragon am I? I'm facing you!" Tessa blocked the attempt and counter attacked. Drayton danced out of the swords reach creating a new line and forcing her to change position. He hit her sword away with a loud 'clang' and brought his sword up to bite into her neck, stopping just a centimeter away then gently tapped her where the sword would have hit.

"You've still got a long way to go but lately you've been giving up too easily," Drayton dumped the practice sword in the box and strode off, "We meet back here at the same time tomorrow." He called back.