the umbilical cord s h u d d e r s
& disconnects (within the womb)
--a painful discord & the fetus
claws the placenta, writhing in
agony (an internal antagonistic hatred)
but she (the bitch--the humanistic
feline--the mother) is blissfully
unaware: she didn't want the poor wretch
& the fetus--the childunborn--languishes
in the malnutrition & spasms at the
torment; she cares naught for it &
conspires for the fetal nymph to die within
the womb--decomposition within & it
serves as a catalyst for atomization
of the uterus; a concave gesture--the
stomach caves like an implosion; she rots
with her hatechild & laughs at the irony
in the ending of her malicious intentions;
she dies with a bitterbitter taste on
her tongue & a corpse decaying within
the debauchery.