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B ump, b ump, b ump.

( i )

I'm different. That's going to have to be the first thing you have to know. About me at least because then you'll have a forewarning for anything that might happen later on. I'm not different in the sense I am of a different species besides humans because I'm not. I am a human. I'm just…a different type of human.

But then again aren't we all? But alright, I'm a different type of human. I think that's enough for now, it'll make more sense later on, that I'm sure.

Well right now, I'm leaning against a brick wall. I'm watching the people pass me by along the sidewalk. Most of these people don't seem interesting at all. What, with their heads held high and looking like they're kings and queens of the world. In reality…they're not. They probably wish they were, but they're not.

They're aren't the only people walking though, there's also older people walking along, canes or walkers in hand, even without. And then there are the self-conscious people, the types who walk hurriedly or slowly, depending on the person, with heads bowed down and looking nervous.

It's all a mixture really, and if I look close enough, I may just find someone interesting to look at from here.

"Hmm…I should probably start heading out." Murmuring this to myself, I heave myself off the wall, out of my leant back position.

I stretch my arms up and high, hearing the strained pops and cracks of my muscles. "That felt good." And it always does, I'm a pretty crackable but I don't mind it. I actually quite like it, loosens me up a lot most of the time.

Stifling a yawn, I stride my way into the crowd of the sidewalk. Just walking into it, bodies bunch up against me and scuff along my shoulders. Great…nice and cramped, always gotta' love that.

Sighing under my breath, I continue on anyways, making my down the sidewalk, through the throng of people. I don't exactly mind walking here with all of these people though, I have other things on my mind.

For example, that stupid Jeopardy question that I just can't get the answer to. It's a stupid movie quote, and usually I would get them but for some reason this one I just can't get. I near the corner, not quite paying attention though because I still had ways to go and this quote was just annoying me now.

"Never, never, interrupt m-" A whizzing body crashes into me, just when I was turning the corner, interrupting the quote I was quoting from the question.

"Oof…" It pushes me back against the brick wall's corner, nabbing me right into the sharp part of it too!

"Fuck!" I say this out loud, hissing in pain because of the stinging feeling caught into my hipbone.

Gritting and glaring, I look down at the body pressed into me, pink hair the only obvious thing I can see. How perfect…probably some drugged up punk to top it off.

The body presses into me even more tightly, hands grasping at the front of my shirt. Okay…what the hell?

In a situation like this, wouldn't one get up? Not get even closer! "Hey kid, get off me." I grit my teeth, ready to shove this kid off of me if need be.

A muttered grumble is heard from the kid, bunching his hands into my shirt firmly while the small body reluctantly moves away from me.

"Nnnn…sorry." Mumbling softly, the kid looks up at me, pink strands and bright hazel eyes mussed together.

Stupid, pink haired punk who maylookcutebutIwon'tsayanything.

( i )

w a r n i n g: This story contains: Slash, m/m relationships and content, gay interpretations warning for homophobes or people alike. This story also includes: Inappropriate language, violence, abuse, nudity and things inapproriate for children. Readers be advised.