"That's what they say"

One could beat a devyran to a bloody pulp, throw them off a cliff and race them through hell, and they'd still get up and ask 'That's all you got?'. So went word around the Empires.

Whether this was true or not was highly debated. While, in essence, devyrans were incredibly resilient, a trait common even in the smallest of their children, a realist knew not all humans were alike. One could say, not all humans are alike, yet devyrans are. Does that not make them human?

While in theory this was a good enough debate (so long as you kept it far and away from devyran ears), all of the feeble nation's occupants were short and solidly build. They had eyes that could stare down dragons but a temper like burning ice. It wasn't easy to anger a devyran, but gods have mercy on the man that did and all of his kin.

Devyra itself was a long stretch of land between the two Empires, territory that none of the Empires wish to have-- and for good reason, as well. It consisted of canyons and limestone deserts, ravished by storms ten times stronger than any would dare imagine. It was mainly composed of frail tribe alliances, represented by the somewhat-capital Bayel, a city build with great grief.

Bayel was a city of red and black-- the colours preffered by many devyrans. It was as stocky and solidly built as its inhabitants. It didn't consist of tall, spiraling towers as the Empires preffered, rather of small buildings, spread on large stretches of land. The buildings were displayed concentrically, shortest on the margin, growing steadily taller towards the middle, but never higher than five levels.

Devyrans defined their lives in storms. In a storm, a devyran was reduced to essence. One never saw reckless devyrans because they would be swallowed by the storms. One never saw a cowardly devyran because they would have faced horrors in the storms that steeled the soul-- or died.

In Devyra, one learned to use the path of minimum resistance. Never fight the storm, instead letting it pass. What bends, doesn't break. It was why they said devyrans were as reasonable as their storms.

Those that did not admire devyrans thought they were savages. Of course, none would dare say it faced with a devyran, but there was a savage streak in them. They mounted gryphons and rode into storms as coming of age. Should enemy dare strike, they'd come under cover of storm. Their existances were governed by storms.