Chapter 3


"The Author got lazy"

Iaga was grinning. No, she wasn't just grinning, she was sitting cross-leggedly on the ground, grinning sadistically.

That disturbed Feder on many, many levels.

That morning, Iaga had, with some prodding from Jadui, decided to guide him and Dareel to Bayel. Just as they were leaving the ryffeth, though, all hell seemed to break loose. Screams and wails rose from the far end of the ryffeth and Iaga soon disappeared into the crowd, leaving the couple by her grouchy gryphon.

When Feder finally decided to go and see what exactely had happened to the girl, he found her sitting in a circle of charred earth and wood, in a state of utter dismay. Where the crowds had suddenly disappeared to, he could only guess (but considering some hundred people had disappeared, perhaps it was safer not to know).

He DID try prying information from Iaga, but all she did was rant relentlessly about "how could Malchorian dare kill me?!" and so on.

Teenagers. Go figure.

Iaga, however, thought she was entitled to at least SOME amount of angsting, especially after being killed by Malchorian and revived in order to avenge her people. The truth is, she probably should have known better than to attack a properly-trained mage who had just moments ago wiped a whole crowd with a gesture.

Damn devyran impulsivity.

The death part was, perhaps, better than the whole coming back because "Ancestors will it". It was more peaceful than a thousand booming voices demanding blood. That, and it bloody hurt!

She tried getting up, but her legs felt like they had no more bones in them. What's worse, that grating foreigner, Feder, came and started asking all sorts of annoying questions.

This was all Malchorian's fault. Yes, it was. And nobody could stop her from blaming him. Actually, now that she thought about it, everybody WAS blaming him. Oooh, this will be good. The things she could do to him...

She pulled herself into an upright position and crossed her legs for stability. Ah, but this had potential...

Without realising, she started grinning. That gesture seemed to make Feder squirm and he slowly inched away.