The ungraceful son.

Now you think you hurt, let me tell you what hurt and pain is. As my mind wonder back my eyes open wide. To that time when life wasn't fine. My man left me to say he didn't want to be a dad. So I alone made that choice to bare you and a voice that cried out to God by just asking him why. And all through those months carrying you. I never gave it one thought to abandoning you.

And that simple pain of bearing you, I prayed to Jesus the whole way through. When you're little head came out. I screamed and I shout. Thank you father for this life. And when you're little shoulders mat the air. I said thank you father for this male. And when the rest of you came out of me. I prayed once again and said, thank you Jesus cause there no more pain here.

And I took it upon me to breathe once again to give you that name. And I saw you and I loved you and I fall asleep from all that pain. And now you're standing before me to say that you're a man, and to talk to me as if I was nothing. Stand thee behind me Satan, as my ungraceful son. BEHOLD THIS WONDER!

So you think you know a woman pain. Don't walk away now boy I got more to say. You open the door of this sorrow and frowns. I put my hands together to pray. That the living father and his son would say, today you stand as a foolish man before this crown of sorrow and dismay, this woman who always called me brother, BOY! BEHOLD YOUR MOTHER!

By Ronald Campbell.

P.S. and if understanding is what you lack, than listen to her words which shall take you back. When she was just a simple child and this world came showering down. And life for life was as of her to share your life in this hurtful world. So the next time you find the need to hurt. To shoot out your mouth word of dirt. And you think to say where is mine father. Remember this to give all praises to your mother.

Ronald Campbell.