Here it is, my own, my precious; MY STORY!!!

Something I had to do for Language Arts

The thief's hands trembled as she inserted the key into the lock. Finally, she had obtained it! The Key of Death. It was a simple key, save for a skull shaped obsidian at the head of it. There were many unpleasant myths surrounding this key; myths that told of a painful death to any who used it. But she discarded those for what they were: fables, tales to scare the children. Instead, she focused hungrily on what lay in wait for her in Xiliatan's ((Pronounced SHA-lie-a-tans)) tomb: jewels and riches abound; priceless treasures obtainable no other way. The lock clicked, and she gently slid open the door, a wide grin flickering across her face. She paused, then, seeing no traps, gingerly stepped in, glancing about. She did not notice the obsidian on the key glittering darkly, and she did not take the time to sense the slight demonic presence floating above her. Nor did she see the many corpses littering the tomb, their long dead faces contorted in grimaces of silent torment. The only thing her feasting eyes saw was the vast mound of glittering relics of old.

((I think her fate is clear!))