just me, a conglomeration

of artistic backbends, paper wings

whispered longings, severed hopes

I am the scents, sights, songs

tastes and caresses of experience

ordinary human of sin-weak flesh

but travelling beyond distant stars

as I'm twirled in Your Arms

in this amazing heavenly ballroom

strewn with northern lights

mi vida es tuyo, I gently sing

for the only one who creates sense

from all my scattered pieces

colors flashing before my eyes

will mean less than nothing

if I can't give my life, my past

and my forever to my only one

to Him who died for me

who never had to condescend

into windows of a mundane room

or light candles within a human heart

but He did and thus I live

my feet are not always steady

my spirit sometimes cries, leaps astray

though still I return to His hope

and forgiveness piled thick with love

in peace I lay my soul forever

for without him I only existed

when in faith I gaze upon His face

I transcend into being truly alive