Story Summary

Temporary Title: The Silence in Neon Colors. Note: If you have a better title for this story, please share. I like the title, but it's not my favorite. It does have signifigance though.

Cast of Characters:

Becky: A 24 year old Lawyer who's recently moved to LA.

Pierre: I'm going to hope that you've heard of Simple Plan. This is my second shot at a Simple Plan fiction I guess. But the story more centers around Becky, Pierre is a sidebar character. The story takes place when he's 25 years old.

Meliz: Becky's more social best friend whom is also a lawyer, but not as high end.

David: Also from Simple Plan, fostered a crush on Becky through high school and took her to Prom.

Sammy Davis: Pierre's obsession through high school who he gets to go to Prom with, but gets ditched there for Jonathon Stills. Her job is to not be judged as a slut, but just a "cliched bimbo" that needed to be written in.Sammy's the one girl that Becky has ever hated and blames alot of things on.

Jonathon Stills: Random Water Polo player, only a minor character who as of now is only Pierre's enemy throughout high school. Jon also happens to be the one guy that Sammy wants, though she finds her way around the school.

Sidebar characters that have gone un named as of this publishing:

Meliz's boyfriend

Becky's co worker who shows her around LA

Becky's ex boyfriend

Plot Summary: Becky becomes lawyer, ends up running into high school crush, Pierre. It's hard to summarize the plot here. Becky decides to reconnect with Pierre, who has a more "intense" lifestyle than her. She must decide whether her "relationship" is worth more than the job that she has wanted her whole life. But part of her is wondering who made the choice for her to be a lawyer, her or her parents. It's pretty much planned to be a shorter length story (20 chapters max) about Becky realizing what matters to her. Involves drugs, sex and thematic elements. I had to put that thematic elements part because in all of the movies I've ever seen rated R it always says for blank, blank and thematic elements.

Now onto the story! Which as you read this may not be posted yet, I'm writing the chapters a bit longer than I ever have before. Especially chapter one because a lot is introduced in chapter one.

Please leave a review, I would love encouragement because this will actually be one of my more serious stories. And I would like to apologize on my lack of posting for some of my other stories. I'm having what I like to call "I don't want you to ever update!" writers block. Meaning that I have all these ideas for new stories, but I can't seem to finish the ones that I have already started. So I'm just working with what I have right now. To tide you over I would recommend Tangled up in Daydreams by Rebecca Bloom. It's a great novel that I enjoyed. (Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to that book, I can merely recommend it to you)