Chapter Four

Where'd You Go?

Becky couldn't believe her eyes when she laid on the last person she expected to run into at Club Suds. Before she could turn back and run, leaving an angry message for David in her wake, both boys had noticed her. Pierre was waving madly at her and had a huge smile on his face. It was like him to not even realize how uncomfortable she was at that moment. She was completely sure that she couldn't yell at David though because he was giving her a guilty "couldn't say no to him" look. It wasn't his fault that he'd ruined her night, right? Becky straightened her strategically sexy outfit before approaching the two boys.

"Hey David……Pierre" Becky kissed both boys on the cheek before accepting the chocolate martini David handed her. "How are you guys?"


"Chill. What about you?" Pierre greeted Becky happily, seemingly to really care how she was.

"Oh you know, new jobs are always exciting. I'm happy to be starting out at this new branch of Searles and Son. It's pretty exciting."

"That's great." A few seconds of awkward silence were filled with all three of them sipping their drinks. Luckily, a savior walked into the room and automatically ran up to Becky.

"BECKY!!!" Sake practically launched herself on top of Becky, hugging her in the process of almost knocking her over. It only took two seconds for Sake to figure out who Becky was standing with. In response, Sake nudged her friend lightly. "Introduce me."

"Sake, this is Pierre and this is David." Both boys offered their hands, but Sake kissed them on the cheek instead. She saved a wink for after she kissed Pierre's cheek.

"Pierre would you like to dance?" Before Pierre could answer David had pushed him towards Sake and she pulled him along. Becky and David eased up, at least until Becky punched David in the shoulder.

"How could you invited him along?!?!"

"I couldn't say no when he asked to go along. There was no way I was going to just make him stay at home alone. He's one of my close friends too, you know. Would you want me to leave you at home alone when I could take you with me?"

"Well no, but I'm sure that if you would've told him I was coming he would've said no."

"I'm sorry."

"Just please at least give me a warning next time."

"I promise." David grabbed Becky's hand and led her over to the dance floor. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close enough that he could feel her heart beat. Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go?" was playing in the background and he felt it was more than appropriate. He'd missed Becky since the last time he'd seen her, the last time he'd been able to touch her. Despite how many other girls he'd dated and how much he tried to forget her, he still had just the teensiest of crushes on her. Silence took them over as they swayed gently to the music.

"I love you David." Though David wasn't sure why she said it, he liked it. He wanted to hear it for the rest of his life. But he wasn't going to and he was well aware of that.

"I love you too." Maybe love was this easy, after all these years maybe things were just the way he wanted them.

"Where'd you go?

I miss you so,

Seems like it's been forever,

That you've been gone."

But love was never that easy.


"Pierre is amazing. He's such a great kisser." Sake was never going to stop talking about Pierre, was she? David was lying on Becky's leather couch with his head in her lap. It was a week after the four of them had gone to Club Suds and Sake was in love, or something like it. Maybe she was just obsessed. David had been over every day since then and everything he heard involved Pierre somehow.

"Sake can you please just stop. I'm tired and you're ruining my cuddling over here." Becky addressed Sake, her eyes closed, but her head titled in Sake's general direction. In response Sake merely rolled her eyes and left the room, grabbing her phone as she left. Surely she was going to go call Pierre or someone else and talk about Pierre. Pierre definitely was Pierre's favorite subject and Sake assumed he was everyone's.

"Does she live in Pierreland?" Becky laughed and ran her fingers through David's hair. It was an intimate gesture, but she'd always thought of his as a brother and it seemed natural.

"I'm pretty sure." As Becky continued to stroke his hair, David wondered what she'd do if he kissed her. It was constantly on the back of his mind, but he'd never given into the temptation. Becky leaned down to kiss his my forehead, but David moved his head so that their lips brushed before she finally reached his forehead. Before he knew it Becky had taken his face in her hands and kissed him hard on the lips. David blinked a few times before sitting up and kissing her, his tongue eventually working it's way into her mouth. This was the moment he'd been hoping for awhile would happen, but he wasn't sure that it was going to last.

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