We wait.

You said "Give unto me your troubles,
Give unto me your worries,
Give unto me your burdens,
Give unto me. Give unto me,
And I will heal you."

We sit and wait and cry and beg,
We sit at your alter of Forgivness and Healing.
I kneel down with my heart-shaped-box,
and what lies inside are the pieces to my heart.
I set the box down on the alter,
and I sing a silent prayer.

While You went away from me,
You wanted to see how much You meant to me.
But then I fell apart.

I was then bitten by a snake;
And now the venom runs through my veins.
I try to suck it out, I try to get it out,
But the venom justsinks deeper.
We are almost toxic.

It helped me hate me, it helped me to lie.
It buzzed in my ear;
Convincing me. Lying to me.
It hummed in my head;
Mocking me, reminding me.

The venom sinks deeper.
I am weak, I am more dense.
I am almost nothing.

The venom sinks deeper.
I am almost toxic.