Crazy For You by writerforever

Dedicated to that special someone

You and me, friends

That is our title

The best of friends you and I

For awhile you were like a sister to me

For awhile I thought of you as my best friend

But now the more I see you

The more I am near you

I feel as if I am falling

I'm falling into you

And my heart is crying out to you

I'm crazy for you

I've never felt this way before

This feeling of beauty

This feeling of joy

I feel like I'm falling

Because I'm crazy for you

How do I tell you?

How do I let you know?

Fear holds me back

But my heart is crying out saying

"I'm crazy for you"

Every second of every day

Every dream

Every thought

Is of you

Heaven help me I'm falling fast

I cannot help it

I'm crazy for you