To: My best friend Megan

Why cant she see she's pretty?

Why does she see herself this way?

Ugly and unloved.

this isnt a game girl dont play

Your beautiful Megan.

and this isnt something lightly said

i dont know who told you your not .

its obvious to me they're brain dead

your pretty girl! why dont you see?

nothings changed since then.

you be you and i'll be plain ol me

i know what your thinking and i know i cannot deny

i AM your best friend but i wouldn't lie

i cant fabricate beauty cant lie about how your smile lights up your face

and your beautiful hair. your figure...your grace.

your sense of humor, your charm all of this beautiful and pleased dont be disarmed

I love you Megan, you're my very best friend

And even fat and ugly your beauty I'd defend

Because I look inside you.

and behind that pretty face

I see an even prettier girl.

loved, cherished, place.