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Sparrows darted in the air, flying circles around each other down by the bird fountain they had on the school campus for decoration, trying to grasp the squirmy bugs that flew there within their mouth. But that was entirely besides the point.

The point was, that while the birds twitted about in the sunshine without a care in the world, Ethan McShabeth glared out the window, not exactly wishing they be struck down from the heavens, but wondering why the hell they had to be so goddamned happy.

Because they were outside. And he was stuck inside, inside this feeling less, life sapping, jail of bricks they called a school. And even though it was quite warm outside, Ethan felt the school was much warmer- not so much due to lack of air-conditioning, but because of it's uncanny similarity to Hell itself.

His teacher droned on. What was his name again? Mr...que...quetins?...quarbeck?..cretin?...quack? Yes, School had already been in progression for almost more than a month, now, but Ethan hadn't bothered with names. He honestly didn't care enough to will himself to remember the seven whole new names this year of his teachers. Due to his amazing technique in UNsociability, he wasn't practiced in learning new names. By the end of the Semester they'd probably be stuck in his head, anyways, so it was no big deal. Besides, names weren't really necessary. For example;

"Hey, you, teacher...head of class...authority figure person. Well, who else would I be talking to? You got the science department teacher hidden in your closet? Cuz, I mean, if you're not gonna let me go to the bathroom, maybe she will.."

Exactly. Needless to say, Ethan wasn't much loved by many of his teachers....

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