Sleepy, drowsy, content

I feel the high

Crashing to the low

Colors whirling, white as snow

Addicted to injection

Not fighting an infection

Need some serious introspection

Heart's beating in all directions

Flying past my graying eyes

And out of my head

Leaving me to wonder

If maybe I'm already dead

I see my arms

They've been put to harm

Sickly blue

Haunting, like I'm seeing you

Inside my flesh

Inside my veins

Causing me to cause my pain

Needle sits, as king he reigns

I'm never coming back again

I see my heart's last beat

As it becomes one

With the black-hole-sun

And my body corrodes to dust

No more injections tonight

Tomorrow I must wake up

If only to once again

End up a slave

I'm willing to bow down in shame

This is my punishment

For being