Olivia Zajac


4th hour English essay

Priorities are objects or people that are naturally more important to an individual than other aspects of their lives. These can vary greatly by ones beliefs and opinions. Prioritizing comes easily to the human race because of our constant need for order. What a better way to organize your life than by figuring out what your top priorities are? By determining the most important features of our lives, we can figure out what is most meaningful to us, and what brings us happiness. My top priorities are loved ones, sports, and myself because without them, my life has minimal joy.

The first of my priorities that makes each day more cheerful is loved ones. My life without friends and family would be a very dreary place, indeed. My friends have, and always will be, there to make life a little easier. My loved ones are always supplying me with much needed laughter; we can share crazy stories, or just make fools of ourselves in public. It could also be in very subtle ways, as just enjoying each others presence. My family also provides the same comforts and more. Knowing your mother is willing to drive for a few hours in the morning to bring your roller blades for camp at Michigan State is a happy thought. Also, knowing that your older brother will take you places, out of the kindness in his heart, is another joyous thought. This just brushes the surface of what my loved ones will do to bring happiness into my life.

There is not a better way to enjoy the day than by playing a sport. Just the thought of getting out on the court and playing anything for an hour or so makes me feel content. It allows me to focus on something other than my every day stresses and just exert myself fully. Sports also act as a form of anger and stress management. Being able to bash into people in basketball and spike someone in the face with a volleyball can make me smile. It is a little violent, but true. There is also the chemical release of endorphins that triggers your body and mind to feel good. It is in those ways that sports can bring joy to me.

Last, but not least, I am my top priority. I assure you, though, I am not self centered. How is anyone expected to be happy unless they treat themselves with respect? Only I can create delight in my life. I am the only one that can truly allow myself to be content. Without me, I would have no other priorities to commit myself to, thus resulting in despair. Without my physical being I could not play sports to make myself joyful. Without my mind, I could neither comprehend nor feel happiness. So in the end, it is I that can make myself happy.

For me to experience the maximum amount of joy in my life, I require my top three priorities, which are loved ones, sports, and myself. My loved ones entertain and provide me with happiness every day, which I appreciate greatly. Sports allow me to express myself physically, and get adrenaline pumping, which gives me a rush. Without myself, I could not be content. All these are definite reasons why my life can be filled with happiness.