I stood up and screamed with everyone else as the game ended and our school had won. I stood there for a while, a fake smile plastered on my face as I clapped and pretended to be enjoying myself. Don't get me wrong, basketball is a great sport just watching practices everyday and then games on the weekends can make a person get pretty tired of it. I much rather be at home watching some late night horror flick while curled up in a ton of blankets with pizza and pop.

I let my best friend drag me down to the floor as everyone rushed to meet the undefeated all-state champions for the past 10 years. I stood back from the crowd glancing around the gymnasium as my eyes caught deep green ones. I knew him from the yearbook, we had the same class, and pretty much disliked each other but managed to stay somewhat mature about it and just avoid each other like the plague. He didn't like me because he thought I was a 'stuck up snob who gets everything I want from daddy and sleeps with captain of the basketball team to get recognition'. While I just think of him as an immature prat who needs mind his own business and stop listening to rumors.

"Who you looking at?" I looked up into dark brown eyes and frowned. "Meet me outside the locker room." With that he turned around and walked away. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes as I pulled my friend away from her boyfriend.

"Just because you are in a fowl mood does not mean you must take it out on me." She pouted, giving me a death glare as she said all this. I ignored this and just kept walking. "Aw come on pumpkin, you can be this bummed out because of one missed soccer game? This was the most important game of the year!" She tried to make me feel better but only succeeded in making me feel worse.

"Every game is the most important game of the year. God forbid I actually enjoy myself on a Friday night by doing something I actually like." I said, rather overly dramatic but I couldn't really care. I had missed three soccer games and two practices for 'the most important game of the year' and the coach had given me his 'if you aren't serious about this I don't know why you are even here' speech which made me seethe with anger.

"Don't be such a downer." Clarity pouted, leaning against the wall outside the boys locker room as we waited for each of our guys. I plopped down and leaned slightly against her out stretched legs. She patted my head and I let out a gurgle of distaste for her touching me. "Now you can be with your snooker doodle and be the perfect couple once again." Before I could bite out a sarcastic remark all the guys started to walk out. I stood up and hooked my thumbs in my back pants pockets, smiling and giving a nod when some of them waved and called my name in greeting.

"Clarity." I silently gagged as they started to attempt to eat each others faces. One day, I am not even kidding, one of them are going to swallow the others head. When that day comes I will be standing there, in complete horror, with a camera.

"Leave now before I am forced to pull out my gun." I said, avoiding looking at them. They broke apart and gave me the exact same look of disbelieve. "Oh and they think I'm kidding." I said, crossing my arms and giving them a serious look.

"Where are you hiding it?" Young asked, looking me up and down. Clarity slapped him on the chest but looked at me for the answer.

"Oh you don't want to know, it is very difficult to get out and more difficult to get back in." Young gave me a suggestive look as Clarity tried to hide her laughter. "Ew gross Young, you have such a sick mind!" I joked, pushing them away and down the hall. Clarity waved and gave me the sign that she would call me later. I nodded and turned back to locker door. I jumped slightly when I saw a tall figure standing there. "Don't do that Lee you scared me." I said. Lee's dark eyes looked me up and down, making me feel slightly uncomfortable, before taking a step foreword.

"I'd like to see where that so called gun is." He said, taking my wrists in his hand and pinning my arms above my head. I looked away from him. His hand started on my hip then traveled further north, under my shirt.

"No Lee, not here." I said, trying to pull my wrists out of his tight hold. His hold only tightened as he pulled me away from the wall only to slam me back against it, glaring at me. He got a deep thought look on his face as my mind raced to find a way to settle down his anger. "Lee please, I just don't want anyone to walk up on us…" I said in a low whispery voice. His eyes narrowed into slits.

"Who was that you were looking at earlier?" Lee asked, pushing hard up against me. I tried to settle my racing heart down and looked up into his eyes.

"No one." I said and knew it was the wrong answer when he slammed me against the wall again. "He is just some prick from my yearbook class." I said quickly, my words tumbling over each other. His eyes searched mine for any hint that I was lying. I opened up my mouth to assure him I wasn't lying but didn't get a chance as he pushed his lips on mine hard. His hand began to run up my shirt again as I stood there helpless. His body was pushed up so close to mine that my legs were utterly useless and he was holding my wrist in a vice grip and I dared not struggle. "Lee… your… hurting me…" I said in between harsh kisses. His hands went to my arms as he squeezed hard. "Lee stop!" I yelled, trying to push him away. He pushed me to the ground and growled.

"Whatever, find your own ride home." He snarled at me, storming off. I let out a deep shaky breath as I looked at my red wrists. I rubbed them gently as I stood up, my legs a bit wobbly but I managed to get them under control and walked out of the school.

If this was some romance story some nice looking guy would have come up and shoved Lee off of me and told him off. After he had beaten Lee to a pulp he would of whisked me away in some romantic way. If this was some great heroine story I would of gotten the power to overpower him and throw him off of me then tell him if he ever touched me again I would kick his sorry ass.

If this was anything but reality those things would have happened. Yet by tomorrow, when I wear a long sleeved shirt so no one notices the bruises that look remarkably like fingers, everything would turn back to "normal". Lee would come up to me, kiss me on the forehead and sling his arm around my waist. We would then walk up to our friends and act like the "perfect couple" everyone thought we were.

I wish a guy would come a rescue me and I wish even more I could have the courage to stand up to Lee. Yet I'm a spineless idiot. No, I don't think he's ever going to stop. Lee isn't stupid like most abusive people, he didn't call me names and he never promised he'd stop, that that was the last time he'd ever do that. Because Lee knew it wouldn't be the last time. Lee knew I'd come back so we can put up the façade of the "perfect couple".

Perfect couple, yeah right.

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