Goodbye My Friend

Goodbye, my friend, you're leaving

I had better start believing

You're going to a better place

But one day I'll hopefully see your loving face

I can't believe what's happened, I have to pinch myself

I hope you do a lot better there, please take care of yourself

Time is ticking by, and I already miss you

But I promise that our friendship will always be kept in two

My friend I loved you, more and more as everyday goes by

But he drove too fast, my friend, and now you're leaving for the sky

I wish that I was in your place, to take that crash, that hit

Now look at us, our one perfect world is now completely split

It's two years on now, my loving friend

My life's still not on the mend

I still see you face and your eyes

I hate to say our sad goodbyes

I have came, like always,and placed your flowers down

I remember you on prom night, dancing in your gown

You should have never got into his car, you should have left with me

I wouldn't have gone on a stupid speeding spree

As I turn from your grave stone

I hate to leave you alone

But remember this, my loving friend

I'll be there with you… in the end