Vampire's game

I'm smoothing my arms around you

Your lips are shaking, they're turning blue

I'll hold you close, and hold you tight

All within the beautiful moonlight


Your thoughts, they all are twisted

Most don't believe my kind existed

Well I'm here with you and my head slowly hangs

As I lean to your neck, with pearly white fangs


The thought crosses my mind not to bite

I've filled your heart with such fright

But I can't help myself, it's frightful

My fangs sink into your neck, its delightful


I know my touch is more then cold

But I'll keep you within my hold

You're mine and that is clear to see

And your soul now belongs to me


Look at your eyes, they're weeping

As my fingers come around creeping

They run softly through you hair

I think it's time to say your one last prayer