So just a little history; this story is more than five years old.

I know, I know, shame on me...


"No Dad!" I yelled as I threw my arms out, blocking his way. He waved a fist drunkenly at me, "Get out of my way." He continued toward our little shack. The gun in his big fist glinted dangerously in the sun. My stomach lurched, as he kept getting closer to the place I called home. "Think this out, please!" I begged. "I'm bringing them with me" He muttered.

I dashed for the gun, trying to pull it out of his hand. His fist came down hard. I skidded across the pavement, everything blacked out. I could feel tears flowing as I willed myself to get up. But I couldn't, I felt numb. I thought of mom, Helga and Jeremy. None of them were as strong as me, none of them could stand up to him. I heard Mom scream and a shot ran out silencing her. I could hear Helga crying and Jeremy whimpering. Two more shots.


Then, one lone shot, ran through the air and I felt my body sag. I thought I died.

He took them, but not me...

The police wanted to keep me but I refused. I'd be 17 in a few months and I wasn't going to a foster home. Hell no, a friend of mine was put in one and a week later they transferred her to Vancouver . Despite what they thought, I actually had some sort of independence I wanted to keep. Besides, I wasn't stupid, dad might have ruined my life but that didn't mean I'd waste it away. My only regret is that he didn't give me the chance to twist his neck.

I apparently, am still a minor. When I told the policemen that 13 year old kids were drinking booze they laughed. Shows what they know. Besides, I wasn't stupid, I had a plan. A friend of a friend (of a friend of a friend of a friend), knew some rich couple who was in desperate need for a nanny. I'll admit the whole thing was rather sketchy, but it's the best if you ask me. I'd be able to continue my education, so I wouldn't end up mom....

To say that all this came as a shock would be a lie, it was only a matter of time before the old man cracked. I mean, I didn't think he'd take it so far, I wish he didn't kill... everyone...

Oh great, now I'm gonna cry.

I mean, I'm use to death, like someone up the block got shot and didn't make it. Or when our neighbour walked in on a burglar and was stabbed to death. No people dying wasn't new to me, I knew you had to be strong. This was survival. There was no way I was staying, there's only so many free psychologist sessions the police can give. And this brought back memory, memories I'd rather forget.

I bought a bus ticket with the money I got from baby-sitting. I had a really good service going on, better than the baby-sisters club. I guess when parents know you're one of the only teenagers they can trust, you get a lot of business. My schoolbag held everything the police, lawyers and all those officials hadn't confiscated. Believe it or not, they pretty much took everything!

The bus arrived at 10 and the only person to see me off was my guardian-for-the-time-being-cop. Totally weird! I mean, this guy, who might have arrested your dad once or twice is waving to you like you've been friends for years.

I've never been on a grey hound , let me tell you, it was huge! The seats were comfortable and I quickly made myself at home, since I didn't really have one anymore. An elderly lady sat down beside me. She smiled at me, the really nice kind that makes you feel like you've known her for years. This time, I didn't mind. I couldn't help it, she looked so nice "What is a beautiful girl like you doing here?" Her voice was all scratchy and soft.

I blushed. My long black hair was the only thing good about me, it had always been a must that I keep it clean and silky. When I was young, mom would comb it till all the knots were out. I had blue eyes and paled skin, in all, I was definitely not beautiful.

"My names Alexandria." I said, trying to be polite. The lady smiled again and offered me a cookie.

I stuffed it down. Sorry but I was starved! I hadn't eaten because it felt like I would barf it up at any moment. But I always had a soft spot for cookies. And she had the best cookies! They tasted like the ones my school had when the oven broke down. All doughy.

I dozed straight off, you know, because of the emotional stress, ha, my none-existent ass. Not even the little TV's they had kept me awake. Not even the little old lady, mainly because she dozed right off too.

I woke up when I was thrown from my seat into the back of the one in front of me. Nice wake up! I gathered my stuff and said goodbye to the lady cus momma always taught me to be polite. "Good luck dearie." Her voice was barely higher than a whisper, and I had to lean in so I could hear her properly.

I climbed down and did a couple of stretches to help my poor very cramped muscles. I took out the small map I had gotten on a five finger discount (hey, I'm broke) and concluded that the Jefferson lived quite far. Great.

I tied my hair into a sloppy ponytail. "I hate walking" I muttered, I've always hated it. But there's not much you can do when you just blew all your cash on a bus ticket.

I was hoping to make a good impression on the Jefferson . You know, arrive all nice. Not sweaty and wet because some ass-hole can't drive.

How was the house? The house was so big it made my house look like a shack, which (I'll admit) it was. I mean, it was a freaking castle! The kind that everybody wishes they could live in. It loomed up, menacingly, as if daring anything to try and measure up. I forced my legs to walk me up to the door and rang the doorbell. My heart was beating so hard I was positive they'd hear it. Gosh, it was making me deaf. A middle age woman opened the door, she smiled warmly, " Alexandria ?"

I nodded. I am so trying to think of something intelligent to say. Believe me.

She was dressed in an evening gown, and looked like she was going out. "Your here! I won't have to call the baby-sister. As you see I'm going out..." She opened the door wider. It took me a moment to realize she wanted me to come in the house.

"This is Nikky." She said pointing to a little girl on the floor. She had blond curly hair and was sucking her thumb. She was the cutest thing! Like an angel for a Christmas play. "She's 3", her mother informed me.

I surveyed the house, slightly in awe. You'd be in awe too. The insides looked like a model house you'd see when watching the Brady Bunch....but then again I never watched that so I wouldn't know. But everyone says there perfect or something like that. Anyway, while I wondered how they kept the walls so clean, Mrs. Jefferson called for the other kids. They ran down the stairs and stood next to Nikky. "That is Jordan , he's 5 and Serena who is 11." I smiled at both kids, feeling rather nervous, "Hi." I felt a pang as I looked closely at Jordan , he'd be about the same age as... as Jeremy.

Hello! I just began my job as a nanny and I looked like a slob... a crying slob! If I break down, Mrs. Jefferson (who already knows some detail about my father little rampage, though hopefully not everything) will qualify me as unstable. C'mon, I can do better than this!

Nikky raised her doll in the air, "Her name is Sandy " I crouched next to her, "Really." I pretended to be interested. She nodded, I couldn't help but like her right away. I held my hand out to Jordan , "Hi!" Jordan shook my hand importantly. Serena bit her lip and nodded, I recognized her attitude, the I'm-too-cool-to-care attitude. Mrs. Jefferson smiled as she started putting on her coat, "I'll be back before Mr. Jefferson comes home. Ciao."

That woman has lot's of energy to sell.

I turned back to the silent kids, "What do you guys do?" Mrs. Jefferson leaving so fast put me in an awkward situation. "Play with me!" Jordan squealed, grabbing my hand. He started pulling me towards the stairs. They spiralled up, it reminded me off a ballroom.

I heard footsteps and I froze.

Someone was descending. I stopped, who was here? I didn't remember anyone else being here! All thoughts flew from my mind; he was tall and had dark brown hair. His piercing blue eyes surveyed me. He looked around my age and...

Oh my god, hubba hubba!

"I didn't know we hired the homeless now." He sneered. I felt my blood run cold.

He turned without another glance my way. Serena tapped my shoulder, "Um mom forgot to tell you, she's totally forgetfully, but um... he's our older brother...Eric."

Oh god no....