"Him and You"

By: Taintedhappiness

For years I've spent wandering that desolate road

On the edge of sanity and the insane

I would cry these tears for everything he was doing to me

All of the abuse all of the torture sent me off the edge each time we talked

I've dreamed and prayed for him to love me, to be together with me

I would bleed these crimson tears

That poured in a line from the knife

Onto the white carpet

I swore I needed him

Swore I couldn't live without him

And then I met you

You opened my eyes

And showed me the only one causing me pain was him

Your thoughts and words, whispers to me

You licked my wounds he made

You showed me a way that I could live

A way to live without him

You let me see that I don't need him anymore

And now I don't love him anymore

You saved me from him, the monster in my life

And so now I open my heart to you

And pray that you will step in.