Angel Inside The Monster

By Claire Campbell

Chapter 1 :: Rent

I tip toed past two front door on the bottom floor. My foot steps are heard as they gently tap along the stairs. As I get to the second floor I once again tip toed past the front door at the top of the stairs and then the one on the right. I feel my hair loosen from hair band as I creep up the last stair case. I very slowly step past the first front door and creep to my door. I reach in my pocket gently; my hands close around my keys as I don't want them to make one sound. Just as slowly as I crept, I pulled the keys from my pocket and push the right key into the lock, slowly twisting it and pushing down the handle and stepped in, pulling out the keys from their lock and closed the door. 'Done it!' I thought to myself, 'Didn't wake anyone up at all!' I smile to myself.

I look around my small home. The walls a bit bare. The house a bit empty, nothing much… but home. I only have four small rooms. A bedroom, living room, bathroom and a kitchen. I go around the house, pulling all curtains shut. Making sure no light could escape around them. I look at my hands, my eyebrows raise as I saw something that lay on my hands. Blood. I walk forward, past the kitchen on the right, forwards is my bedroom but next to it is the bathroom. I push the door open with my hips so as not to spread the blood on the handle. I move to the sink and turn the tap on. Water runs to my hands and the fresh blood disappears from my hands and goes down the sink. I smile again as I turn the tap off and reach for the towel. After wiping my hands dry I look up to the mirror above the sink. Nothing is shown as I look in to it, no reflection, nothing. I smile as I see nothing, "Beautiful, as always." I joked and giggle a little as I walk back into the living room. "What's on at this time in the morning?" I ask myself as I sit in front of the T.V and grab the 'Radio Times' I flick through it until I get to the page I'm looking for, 'Monday 25 march 2005' I smile to myself as I look at the page, then lose it, "Nothing…" I say and close the book, "Countdown…" I say and raise my eyebrows again, "I really don't think so." I sigh as I place the magazine on the table again. I stand and walk to the phone, "Oh!" I say as I see the words flashing, '1 message inbox' I press the button to play the message.

'Hello stranger, just checking to see if you were still coming round tomorrow. Not seen you in a while. You ok? Where have you been? We don't want to be worry about you, so please give us a ring within this year. Ok? Bye kid.'

It had been my father on the phone. I listen to the message again and thought. 'If I go round to them, it's going to be ask Kat everything…' I think to myself, but… it has been two weeks since I saw my family. I sigh to myself and leave it at that. I walk to the bedroom and don't even bother changing. I just climbing into the bed and pulled the covers up. I yawn as I place my head on the pillow and smile as my eyes close. The last thing I saw before I fell asleep was the time on my wrist watch, 3:45am.

I had been laying soundless, asleep and smiling. All until Mrs Colin's alarm clock started screaming. 'Uh!' I think to myself and turn the pillow, holding it tight over my head as the alarm clock screams through the thin walls. "Why?!" I ask myself, "Why does anyone have to be up at six am?!" I say to myself as I lay, holding the pillow close to my ears. Mrs Colin's alarm clock could have easy won 'the alarm clock that makes the most noise in the entire world award!' I frown heavily as the old bag can't find the button to turn it off. I hold my eyes closed tight as the noise screams through my head and around the room, even out in the hall. 'I wonder what it must sound like to her.' I ask myself in my head. 'If it makes this much noise through my paper thin wall, how much must it make when in the same wall?' I think about this for no longer than 30 seconds as I started to mutter, "The off button is on top, please, just press it!" I moan as the noise continues. "Turn it off!" I couldn't stop myself from shouting the last three words. I cover my mouth as I think of who I just shouted to.

I lay, waiting for the banging. It came, banging on the bedroom wall. "Howard's!" a stone cold voice shouted as she banging on the walls.

"Yes?" I call back slowly, trying to sound like I had been asleep.

"Don't you dare tell me what to do!" Mrs Colin shouted again, still banging on the wall.

"I'm sorry, Mrs Colin, but… the noise just went on…" I told her.

"It doesn't matter! Maybe if I didn't have to get up at this time, I would have to have an alarm clock!" she called and at lest stopped her banging.

"I'm sorry." I say to the wall and try to stay quite, knowing what she was going to say. She did say it…

"Maybe if you got a job, you could get up at this time. Instead of creping off at night and coming in at early hours, waking everyone up!"

"Sorry, Mrs Colin but I wish you would stop shouting at me like this." I say, there was no need to shout because of the thin walls. "But, I have been at work."

"Work? You?" Mrs Colin's voice came, "The pizza 'thing' doesn't stay open 'till 2am every day!"

"It was very busy… Midnight pizza eaters…" I say to the wall. I might as well of been talking to the wall. I thought to myself and giggled.

"Oh?!" Mrs Colin's voice came again, "Laughing at me now?!"

"No!" I tell her quickly, "I was thinking of something."

"Well, it had better been about where you put the rent you owe me!" Her loud cold voice came.

"Yes…" I reply slowly. I had forgotten all about the rent money. I sighed and lay still for a moment.

"I want it by Thursday or your out!" Mrs Colin shouted through the walls.

I had laid there for a while, thinking about what she had said. I sighed again, "£750" I told myself as I rolled to the other side. I thought about the money and how to get it. The Pizza Place wasn't going to pay for it and I had very little money on me. 'Parents.' I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and fell asleep again.

The day pasted slowly as I kept being woken up by a number of different things. People walking up and down the stairs in the small flat-like building that I call home. A lot of noise cam from the bottom floor, Henry Gates was moving out. Henry was a man in his late 50's, a little round on the stomach but a nice man all the same. Henry had two small eyes. They looked even smaller as he had he had two large eyebrows that covered his forehead. The sound of his boxes being moved where heard as the sounds come from downstairs and along the halls, his voice boomed as he talked about where he was moving to. I lay listening to him talk. "I'm going not to far away; I've got a new home with my son. He and his wife are letting me stay."

"That will be nice…" The delivery person said, not listening to much Henry was saying. I lay listing to him as he spoke of his son. Henry talked a lot about him and his wife. I smiled as I knew he had a nice family. It made me think of mine. My father, he was fine, I could talk to him. My step sister was stuck-up, we didn't really get on. But the worst was my step mother. One word could be said about her 'bitch'. she was a big one. Her name was Jane. I never liked counting her in the family. My family. I frowned as I lay and thought of her, "Great, 'she' will be there if I go around." I told myself. I felt anger build inside, I was breathing heavy now and glaring at the wall. "No…" I told myself and tried to calm myself now as I lay there. My breathing calmed down and I lost my glare and tried to think of something else. I did. I thought of my mother. A sad look filled my face as I remembered her. I looked like her, only younger. Long brown hair to my hips, deep brown eyes. We were both pretty thin. I'm 18 and only weigh 8 stone. She always was smiling and thinking of others. Just a nice person to tell the truth. I shrugged to myself and closed my eyes. Slowly I fell asleep again.

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